How to Convert a Handwritten Text to a Word Font

Word is one of the first office tools that we all use, perhaps its easy handling is responsible for it. However, the fact that it is a text processor, makes it a much more essential tool in our daily life.

Well, this tool is part of the Microsoft Office suite, which has different office automation programs. Thus, its use is not limited to desktop versions, but we can also use Microsoft Office online. We can even install Microsoft Office in Google Chrome to use it for free from there.

However, it is a program, no matter how intuitive it is for its users, the large number of options and tools that it presents make it a bit confusing. That is why here we will explain how to use word fonts. We will also show you how to convert handwritten text into Word font.

templates of typefaces in word

How to make the letter taller in Word?

To obtain a higher letter it is necessary to access the option to change font size, the steps that we must follow are the following:

  1. First of all, we must mark all the text that we will resize.
  2. Then, we are going to locate ourselves in the upper toolbar, we position ourselves next to the sources box.
  3. Here we have the option of display font sizes and we can select the one that we consider most appropriate.
  4. In the same way, we can enter it manually in case the intervals are very large.
  5. By selecting or enter size, the text will automatically resize as well.

How to Convert Handwritten Text to a Word Font

We finally have this option available, the best of all is that it is an extremely simple process. Well, thanks to this, you can start create your own fonts to be added to Word later. So all your invitations, letters and essays will have your personal stamp thanks to your original sources.

application to create handwritten fonts in word

Now, to start the process you must have a printer and a device to scan documents. If you already have this, the steps you must follow to convert a handwritten text into a font of Word are the following:

  1. First we must enter the website of the calligraphr app.
  2. Now we must register with our email and password.
  3. Once the registration is completed, we look for the Templates option and we download the template according to the language that corresponds to our source. This is due to the number of characters that the template offers you, which change depending on the language.
  4. Now, we proceed to print said template on white letter or A4 size sheet.
  5. We proceed fill in each of the spaces with the letter indicated. For its filling, the instrument to use will depend on the texture you want to obtain in the source. You can unleash your creativity.
  6. Once the template is filled, we proceed to scan it and load on page in the sources section.
  7. Then, we press the Download template option, here we select the option to be used in Word.
  8. Finally, we open Word and we load the source file that we just downloaded and that’s it. We can now see the result of our new font in Word.

It should be noted that this application has a paid version. However, the free version differs from this one in that does not bring all the sources of the language. While the payment includes both numbers and all special characters.

How to make different types of letters in Word?

If what we are looking for is to write with different fonts, we always have the option to change font type with which you are writing. To do this, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. To get started. you have to select the text that is will apply the font change.
  2. Next, we look in the toolbar for the when where it indicates Sources.
  3. We deployed it and hover over each font type, we can preview each of the available fonts.
  4. We select the font that we like the most and changes will be applied to the selected text.

On the contrary, if what we are looking for is create different typefaces in Word, then, we have to carry out the process of creating fonts explained above, as many times as it is considered necessary.

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