How to Convert a Headphone or Headphone to Wireless with a Single Gadget

Over time, all devices they have stopped connecting by cables. Always looking for wireless technologies, for this reason, Bluetooth was invented. Which is a means with which you can transfer information, copy data, and what interests us at the moment: turn our old headphones into wireless, practical to use and comfortable.

As for variety, the market offers endless products, ranging from the cheapest or cheapest, plus some even allow connection to several devices at the same time. Here we will delve into this topic, and we will tell you how to do the process quickly and easily.

What gadget should I look for to convert my headphones to wireless?

If you have old headphones, which you want to convert to wireless, you should search for a Bluetooth receiver, since these devices have integrated is a chip capable of interpreting signals of a certain range, but only receiving them, which is what interests us.

One of the most famous, which have a mid-range design and high durability, is called Portable Bluetooth 3.0, This item can be found on Amazon, EBay, both new and used, and has a high speed to transmit data, which facilitates communication between the device and the headphones, it should be noted that you will not need another additional gadget.

Like the aforementioned model, you will find a great variety, both in brands and in sellers, what you have to make sure is that it is at least Bluetooth 2.5 or 3.0, so that the connection is fast and stable. It is also important to note that if you have very old headphones or do not want to put an overpriced gadget, you can always go for a cheap receiver option.

headphones as a gadget to convert to wireless

You can notice the difference between one and the other (in addition to the price), in that the best quality ones, bring new ports, such as the USB type C and they have a built-in lithium battery. Also, the cheapest ones have a smaller size and delicately designed material. In addition, the best quality options can exceed $ 50.

How do I convert my headphones to wireless?

Once you have gotten a Bluetooth receiver, whatever quality it is, they all share the same operation, although not the same durability, in the first instance, the most expensive ones will bring ports and not cables. What you should do, first of all is charge your device for at least 2 hours, so that it is fully functional.

It is well known that if the battery is not sufficiently charged, there may be signal interruptions. After charging, you must have your cell phone on hand, or even if you have a PC or laptop with Bluetooth, you can also use it.

You will have to connect your headphones to the receiver port, then turn it on, with a button on the side, after this from your cell phone, turn on the Bluetooth and look for the device, when you find it you will have to associate it. After that, put on a test song or sound and you’re good to go.

In case you have decided on one economy version, You should know that these normally have a cable instead of a port, so they are not very practical, some bring their own adapter, with which you can connect the cable they bring, with the cable of your headphones, the process is the yourself, you turn it on, then you link it and voila.

Tips to convert my headphones to wireless

Mainly it is recommended that, even if you spend a little more, you buy a receiver at least mid-range, so you can be sure that it lasts a long time, since the cheapest ones usually bring design drawbacks.

cell phone and gadget headphones

Bluetooth technology, used for this medium, is extremely reliable and you will not lose sound quality when using itIn addition, you can turn Bluetooth on and off as many times as you want, using your device or even the button that is incorporated into the device.

One last tip is that if you want to use this receiver for sports activities, bring a small bag or keep it in a waterproof pocketTo prevent your sweat from wearing it down, these devices use batteries and should not be in contact with water or sweat.

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