How to Convert a Mobile with Tizen Operating System on Android and Install Applications

Millions of mobile phone users were shocked by the separation that the giant Samsung has made from the Android OS. That’s right, the Samsung company has decided to launch into the market with a new operating system for its Smartphone, with this new operating system called Tizen OS, Samsung plans to compete against the lords and masters of this market.

It is no secret to anyone that in terms of operating systems the giant of Google with Android OS. It dominates a large part of the global cellular technology since it has millions of Smartphone and Tablet users. We also have the other giant in this area is iOS, which has been competing in the market for years.

And that with the arrival of Android OS it has been necessary to reinvent itself to be attractive, without a doubt with these two great Android and iOS operating systems, already tested and used for years it will be difficult to compete. It seems that the Samsung company likes challenges, since it has been competing with other major brands for years. Now they start to compete in addition to other brands, also against the most popular operating systems with their Tizen OS.

Features of Tizen OS

As we have mentioned, the Samsung company has launched your Smartphone and Smart tv with Tizen OS, this is a new operating system based on Linux, among its characteristics is that it is open source. This seeks to have the support of application developers, so that they can design with Tizen OS.

tizen operating system on samsung phones

Another interesting feature that this new Tizen operating system has is that it has great support for HTLM5, which allows you to run a wide variety of games and HTLM5 applications seamlessly on your device.

These insurance features will result in a high acceptance rate among users and application developers, this will help win more customers. Samsung has also implemented this Tizen operating system on your Smart TVs, which has resulted in a real success.

With these models of Samsung smart TV has revolutionized the market, these Smart TVs have a large number of shares. It also allows you to watch movies that you have stored on your PC without using cables, thanks to the Tizen operating system.

These modern Samsung Smart TVs have touchscreen 4k HDR technology, and a number of smart functions, with them you can enjoy watching the content of online entertainment platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube and many more. There are many other features that have allowed Samsung to succeed with this line of Smart TV.

But Samsung hopes to be able to have the same success with its Smartphone as well as with Tizen OS as with its Smart TV. In these Samsung TVs you can install applications and games very easily and in a wide variety.

smart tv comes with tizen operating system

Much will depend on what can be enjoyed in these devices with Tizen, from popular App designed for android like WhatsApp. Which is undoubtedly possible thanks to certain applications, that I invite you to discover how to use them in a few steps.

How to get my Smartphone with Tizen OS to install and run Android App?

For many it was unlikely that it could be installed and run Android apps on phones with this Tizen OS system. But today it is possible thanks to the help of the developers of Open Mobile, with the support of Samsung.

They have been able to design an App called Application Compatibility Layer, with which you can run not only WhatsApp and other applications as well.

Also those who have acquired a Smartphone with Tizen OS They can run a large number of applications for Android, this will undoubtedly help many to be motivated to buy phones with Tizen OS without fear. Well, you can still enjoy the famous Android App, you just have to download the application.

Once the Open Mobile application is downloaded, it will run the Android apk on your phone. We will wait to see if with this challenge Samsung can achieve success with its Tizen operating system on Smartphone.

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