How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to Prezi – Quick and Easy (Example)

Presentations are an important activity in the academic and work environment for the project exhibition or offer balances of activities that have been carried out.

The way in which these presentations are made has been changing as technology evolves and each time adopt tools that empower users to take audiovisual content to another level, making this activity potentially attractive.

From PowerPoint to Prezi

Projectors have been a fundamental tool in the way in which presentations are made, hand in hand with programs that have revolutionized the style, causing the creativity of each of its users to overflow, such as PowerPoint.


This program developed by Microsoft was launched in 1987 and, today, it is estimated that more than 30 million presentations are produced daily.

Endless can be the lists of programs that have tried to cope with Powerpoint without any success, until the appearance, in 2009, of Prezi.

Main differences

Prezi has gained enough ground to rank alongside PowerPoint as one of the best tools you can use to structure your presentations. In large part, it is due to extraordinary functions and visual effects that will captivate any audience.

However, each program has its pros and cons, if you want to know a little more about the advantages that you can get from each of these programs, surely here you will find the information you need:

  • Prezi is more dynamic when it comes to shaping your presentations, because it does not use the PowerPoint slide show. In this way, Prezi seeks to leave behind traditional presentations and turn them into interesting narratives.
  • Prezi’s visual effects are simply spectacular. Your creativity will not know limits when inserting the dynamic elements that this program puts at your disposal, however, you should not abuse them either, so that it does not end up being something very confusing.
  • On the other hand, the screen formats in Prezi are more limited than those in PowerPoint. Having more knowledge about the projector to use in your presentation to guarantee the graphic quality of the same.
  • With PowerPoint, you will have to use your desktop or laptop computer to edit your slides. Or, in any case, go to the information cloud alternative to download and edit the file. While, in Prezi, apart from its desktop version, it maintains an online version in which you can create and edit your presentation from any computer. Connected to the internet and download it once it’s ready.
  • Does your presentation include photos? So in that case the best alternative is PowerPoint. Since, the presentation style of Prezi is not, at the moment, suitable for this type of content.

Change of formate

Now, once you’ve learned all the ins and outs of PowerPoint and Prezi, it’s time to choose. If you have opted to use the second, surely you are wondering:can I convert a PowerPoint presentation to Prezi? You are about to find the answer!

Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Prezi

Having logged into your Prezi account, now is the time to explore and learn how to you can transfer a PowerPoint presentation to this new platform. For this, mainly, you must keep the canvas free of any type of frame or text.


  • On your canvas, you will see the option “Insert”, in which, when you click, you will find a section identified with the name of PowerPoint.
  • Select the PowerPoint file to insert.
  • You can choose to insert specific slides or simply insert the entire presentation.

It is important to note that, there is the possibility that, due to the change in format, some texts may be altered. However, this does not represent major problems, since you will be able to make the necessary adjustments.

Get started testing Prezi!

There are plenty of reasons to start enjoying the incredible tools that this software puts at your disposal. To give a touch of originality to your presentations and grab everyone’s attention. Be the standout person with Prezi!

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