How to Convert a PS / 2 Keyboard to USB Input Step by Step (Example)

The characteristics of the computers have changed over time, as well as the need of users, who require that these teams have increasingly fast systems to carry out daily tasks. As is the case today, where we will explain how to convert and adapt a PS / 2 keyboard to a USB input.

Computers are bringing more and more connectors of different types, in addition to wireless implements such as the mouse and keyboard. While those who have not been able to adapt to the latest technological trends are being left behind, and probably do not know how to make the most of the functions of their keyboard.

PS / 2 connectors in extinction

Although a large number of computers around the world have this type of connectorsWith the appearance of USB ports, users have been forgetting about computer accessories or implements that have helped so much with the development of digital activities.

The PS / 2 connectors, those that are identified by being round and by having approximately 6 pins for their operation, little have been remembered. Why? This type of connector has been used since 1987 and despite the fact that many users consider it discontinued, the truth is that it still has plenty of defenders.

Differences of PS / 2 port with USB

It is very easy to find one of its main weaknesses. Devices that have PS / 2 connectors are unable to function after being disconnected and, later, reconnected to the computer, being necessary to restart the computer to continue using the mouse or keyboard.

This is called “Plug and play“or hot plug, something that USB connection devices do not have major problems with, so the advantage begins with the USB connectors.

PS / 2 port

However, many allege that devices that have this type of connector works even better than USB, because its performance goes through the interrupt signals, events emitted from the peripheral to the CPU, indicating the performance of an action that must be responded to with absolute immediacy.

High compatibility

Beyond the advantages or disadvantages of using a keyboard or mouse with a PS / 2 connection, it is no secret to anyone that motherboards computers have more USB ports than PS / 2. In fact, in laptops there are practically no such connectors, so the PS / 2 is basically exclusively for older computers.

What to do with my PS / 2 keyboard?

Many have decided to ditch their PS / 2 keyboard to buy one that works over USB connections, even though the difference in performance is barely noticeable. Is there anything left for those people who still maintain devices with these types of connectors?

Replace PS / 2 with USB

The answer is: yes, and it is much simpler than you might imagine. When searching the web, you will find a huge series of unorthodox recommendations that, without the necessary tools and skills, could render your keyboard unusable.

It involves cutting the cable with PS / 2 connection and then being unique with a small cable extension that ends with the USB connector, which, not at all recommended. Since it does not guarantee optimal operation, much less a good operation of the keyboard.

Purchase a USB adapter

Faced with this type of situation, some companies have put to work for all those people who find it really difficult to get rid of these types of devices, even when they are practically discontinued.

USB adapter

It is a PS / 2 to USB connection adapter, which you can find in any store dedicated to the sale of computer-related artifacts, they do not usually have a high cost and will allow you keep your keyboard old and connect it to your modern computer and even laptops.

Do you already have yours?

Now you know how to convert a PS / 2 keyboard to a USB input. Via the PS / 2 to USB adapter, you will solve it in a simple and safe way keep using your old keyboard via the USB connection ports and experience fantastic performance. What are you waiting to get yours? Keep your PS / 2 connection keyboard alive!

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