How to Convert a Publisher File or Document to PowerPoint? (Example)

The Microsoft Office suite of digital tools has applications for the creation of documents or files of all kinds, such as text or presentations. Sometimes, it is necessary to transform one or the other to make use of it, such as converting Publisher files into good resolution graphics, or as is also the case with convert a Publisher document or file to PowerPoint.

The documents that are created with Publisher are saved under the specific .PUB format for that program as such. They usually create two-sided brochures with Microsoft Publisher, or also reports based on a particular research topic. In contrast, PowerPoint and its .PPT files appear with audiovisual presentations for any purpose.

Publisher vs. PowerPoint, who has the advantage?

It is common knowledge that Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft PowerPoint are included in the Microsoft for Windows package that many want to download. Each one with its main function. Both programs provide the necessary ingredients to create illustrated presentations, brochures or reports in demand for investigative purposes.

Although there is the remote possibility of convert a Publisher file or document to PowerPoint, generally it is always more advantageous to opt for only program. On the one hand, Publisher allows the creation and edition of documents that will later be printed in bulk or in quantities such as newsletters or brochures.

In turn, PowerPoint can be downloaded from its official website, and is designed for the creation of “slides” that can also resemble the final finish of a file generated by Publisher, with the difference that these presentations are not necessarily intended for printing. if not to be exposed from the same platform to the general public.

powerpoint slide

Its scope is extraordinary. Both of them offer various options arranged in a convenient toolbar that fit any design in mind. It offers from the creation of templates for newspapers, or templates in general, to textures that add a different look to each new document, to editing properties that satisfy the tastes of its users.

Until now, you can deduce that in general lines it is difficult to determine which of the two is more in demand than the other. Since each one has a well-secured place in the wide table of document creation.

In general, it will mainly depend on the intention or purpose of the work. Although they resemble certain characteristics, PowerPoint is limited to designing your own documents. So whose purpose can be adapted to the same ones that the Publisher documents have, but the expected result will not be completely obtained.

Steps to follow to convert a Publisher document or file to PowerPoint

To put an end to this dilemma, a proven way is now known to convert a Publisher document or file to PowerPoint. De so that any important aspect of the final product can be retouched for a more beneficial result.

For sure, there is no evidence of being able to transform one format to another without using a digital intermediary of another kind for it. The .PPT file must first be converted into an image or use an online converter to perform the procedure.

publisher icon blue

As for the first scenario, while in Publisher go to “File”, then “Publish as PDF or XPS”, then “Save as” and finally choose the option “PDF”.

The file will acquire that format and to finish its storage, press “Publish”. Run the new format in Adobe Reader and press “Snapshot” (Camera) to enable the option to select the part of the PDF file you want with the cursor or simply completely outline the entire document.

Once the process is finished, it is time to open PowerPoint, press “Edit” and then “Paste.” In this way, the file you selected previously will have been automatically copied from Adobe Reader. On the other hand, you can access the web to select the PUB file, to convert a Publisher document or file to PowerPoint following the simple steps that are shown there at a glance.

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