How to Convert a Scanned PDF Document to Excel Easily

There are many and varied the different documents that we want to scan in order to be able to save them digitally on our PC. In this way, if something happens to the original document, we will have them protected. But once this process is done, we must convert it to Excel to make it easier to edit. And for this reason we are going to tell you what you should do to Convert a scanned PDF document to Excel easily.

In order to carry out this operation, it is necessary that we make use of powerful applications and in this sense we will recommend two, which will do it in a matter of seconds. These tools are PDF Converter Pro and PDFelement and then we will show you how to use them and you can Convert a scanned PDF document to Excel easily.

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The best thing about these tools is that the download You can do it for free and they are excellent options for converting these scanned documents. And passing it to Excel guarantees us to be able to edit them later without inconvenience. But this program is so versatile that we can convert scanned documents from our Android slide into PDF.

How to Convert a Scanned PDF Document to Excel

We will first talk about PDFelement which is considered the best tool for convert scanned PDF document to Excel easily. It is very easy to use and offers fast conversion and is compatible with OCR technology. And then we will tell you how to use this tool.

The first thing you should do is download this free application to your computer from its official website. Once you have it installed, run PDFelement and go to the menu and select the Open file option, this so that you can find the scanned PDF file that you have saved on your PC, but if you wish you can drag it to the application from the source folder.

Once this step is done, we move on to the next one and it consists of clicking on the option To another – to Excel, which you will locate in the Start tab of the application. This action will generate a window to be displayed on the screen for you to make adjustments for the Excel sheet. Once you have finished with this part, you must click on the Save option.

And you just have to wait a few seconds and the tool will show you a document converted to Excel of excellent quality. It is important that before performing the conversion you enter the application settings window and verify that the OCR function is activated. Now we will explain how the second application is used.

How to Convert a Scanned PDF Document to Excel with PDF Converter Pro

This second tool is also free and you can download it to your PC from the official page of the application. Once it is installed on our computer we must start the conversion process and for this we look for the scanned file and we will drag it to the tool and this action will generate a dialog box.

In it, you will be asked to select the correct language and that the OCR function must be enabled, once this step is done, we must locate ourselves on the right side of the application panel and we will look for Output Format. When clicking, a list will be displayed and in it we must choose the option Microsoft Excel.

Now we will go to the option Advanced configuration to choose it and from there we will look for the Excel file. And here we can set the preferences for the output of the spreadsheet, once the desired options are taken. We do not go to the Convert option and click, in this way the conversion will start.

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We will wait a short time, until the converted document is displayed in the output folder. And in this way we have used another excellent tool to be able to Convert a scanned PDF document to Excel easily.

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