How to Convert a Text from Uppercase or Lowercase and Vice Versa in Google Sheets

When we talk about Google we refer to a tool that is totally complete, as it offers a number of services to please its users and needs. One of these services, which has had a characteristic impact in recent years is Google Sheets. This has gained momentum due to the use that has been made of it.

Many users know this medium as «The Excel of Google», as it has become the competition of Excel, since it is also a spreadsheet tool. Google Sheets has allowed a number of companies to increase their work because, by being a faster software, entrepreneurs save time and money.

What is Google Sheets and why did they create it?

This application is a software that allows the management of spreadsheets, allowing users to perform jobs as they would with Excel. This tool was launched in June 2006, and was previously known as Google Spreadsheets, but it continued to be a web service.

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Google took care of the creation of Google Sheets to update all its services and be a more complete program, so that you can back up all your files with the Google cloud.

How to make the most of Google Sheets?

To use this application as a Google extension it is important that you know all the details of this powerful tool so that you can get the most out of it. Starting to use this application is not complicated at all, but being aware of all its functions will help you as you progress with other more advanced functions.

One of these interesting details about Sheets is being able to paste images into the spreadsheet; press the option = IMAGE, then use the link of the image you want to paste. Another thing you can do is take data from other spreadsheets, for this you must use the option «IMPORTRANGE» and thus keep your information updated.

How to change the lowercase or uppercase of a text in Google Sheets?

To learn how to use this Sheets tool in writing, so that just by selecting the text you can change it, you can follow the following steps:

First, you must «select the rows of the text» to which you want to change the capital letters or vice versa, and then go to «Application menu». In this menu you press «Edit» and then you select the option of «Change capital letters» which is at the top of the screen in Windows.

Of the available options that can be found in this tool are: capitalize only the first letter of every word. Also, as an option is to capitalize only the first letter of each line; or failing that, put all the letters of the text in lowercase.

Advantages of using Google Sheets

Sheets; Although it is similar to Excel, it has different options that attract users. For instance, one of the things that differentiates it is its easy access. In addition, it is a totally free application that allows you to leave all the files in the cloud and in the same way save them to recover them later.

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This is a very easy to use tool because it has a shorter learning curve, as it has fewer options to memorize. Like any service that Google offers you, the system that Sheets has allows you to create copies and backups of the work you are doing.

Another advantage it offers is being able to be connected with other applications such as Google Docs or Gmail, and thus being able to work with images from the web on the sheet.

Disadvantages of using Google Sheets

We can mention a few, and that is that most Excel users who have worked with it for years consider that Sheets misleads them. This is because his tables are very simple. Besides that, to be able to save the spreadsheets you must be connected to an internet network, although you can still work offline and then save.

This is a Google tool, so it will always be updating and improving its functions, but it has fewer options than Excel in this case. Another disadvantage in its use is the little processing capacity it has, and that is why it will always depend on the connection and the servers.

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