How to Convert an AAC Song to MP3 with iTunes Easily (Example)

It is possible to convert a song from AAC to MP3 format in iTunes. Therefore, you will get a small file size thanks to a compression technology that reduces the sound quality a bit. If you are interested in knowing How to Convert AAC Song to MP3 with iTunes Easily continue reading this interesting article.

What is an AAC file?

“AAC” stands for “Advanced Audio Coding” and refers to a file format that contains digital audio and music data. An AAC file can be played in applications such as Windows Media Player or Winamp. It is important to highlight iTunes has a default encoding standard defined by the AAC encoding specifications.

What is an MP3 file?

“MP3” stands for “Motion Picture Experts Group” and is related to a digital audio file. These files can be opened in multiple applications for audio playback. Even, an MP3 file it can be opened on different platforms and also converted from format, in the case of Windows, you can convert files to MP3 from Windows Media.

AAC MP3 Speakers

An MP3 file requires a “Layer 3” to be able to encode the audio digitally and integrate a 16-bit stereo sound in order to produce CD-quality sounds.

How to Convert AAC Song to MP3 with iTunes Easily

If you want to convert an AAC song to MP3 with iTunes in a simple way, it is important that you know what iTunes is and how to use its converter through the procedure that we will explain to you later.

The ‘iTunes’ software

“ITunes” is an application that allows media file playback. This software is included by default in Apple computers and devices and allows you to open different formats of audio files, download, organize and save digital audio and video.

The application can be linked to the “iTunes Store” so that users can download music, videos, ringtones for mobile devices, games and audio books.

Generally, the tool runs on computers and devices with the Mac OS X system, although you can also use this software on Windows and it is even possible to download and install iTunes on Ubuntu.

Modify iTunes settings

First of all, you must modify iTunes settings. To do so, download iTunes from the App Store. If you already have the application, access it from your Mac computer and select “Preferences.” If you have a PC with Windows system, locate the option “Edit” and click on “Preferences”.

Later, look for the “General” tab and press the “Import” button. Go to the “Import Settings” window and from the “Import using” drop-down menu choose the “MP3 Encoder” option.

Set the audio quality

Locate the menu “Setting” and set the audio quality. If you choose high quality, then the result of the conversion will be a better sounding audio file but it will take up more space.

AAC format headphones

Therefore, for set audio quality you can select “Higher quality” option for 192 kbps or “Custom” for 256 kbps files. Finally, press the “OK” button to configure the settings.

Convert AAC song to MP3

From iTunes, locate the AAC song you want to convert. It is important to note that you can choose a single song or a list of songs in this format. To select a list, you can hold down the “Command” key if you have a Mac computer or “Ctrl” if you have a Windows computer.

Once you’ve chosen the song or song list in AAC format, click on “File” and hit “Convert.” Then select “Create MP3 version”. Immediately, it will start the conversion process that will last a few minutes depending on the number of files you want to convert and the audio quality that you previously set.

Select the MP3 file

When the conversion process is finished, you will get a copy of each audio file, that is, an AAC file and another MP3 file. To identify the MP3 format file, select one of the copies and press the keys “Command + I” on a Mac or “Ctrl + I” from Windows.

An information window about the file format will appear so that you can delete one of them or keep both if you wish. It is worth mentioning that you can also convert MP4 files to MP3 with iTunes so that you can listen to your audios and enjoy this tool to the fullest.

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