How to Convert an Excel Document to Google Sheets and Vice Versa – Connect Excel and Google Sheets

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, two supreme tools that, since their inception, have been very useful, especially in the workplace since things like taking averages can be done easily. This is so because both allow to carry a organized accounting record of a company, even globally are used to manage millions of dollars.

Both programs or software are spreadsheets With which you can work and present data in a table, either figures or graphs, which automatically give exact results. Excel, is known to be an offline program from Microsoft, which can be installed; Sheets, is a Google service that can be used online.

Excel and Google Sheets functions

Speaking precisely of the offline functioning of Excel and online of Sheets, each one has its advantage depends on the need of each person. We say that because, if you don’t have a connection, you can easily work with Excel and save on your computer; although a cloud is also available for Excel Online.

In the case of Sheets, by working online only, it allows many users to work on the same file if they have access to the spreadsheet. Besides that, all changes made are saved automatically, and at the same time you can have a chat open in the same document.

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Now, referring to the Storage capacity Of these programs, there is a big difference between the two, because Excel allows 17,179,869,184 cells. Sheets also has a good storage capacity but nothing compared to Excel, as it only has about 5,000,000 cells.

If we mention the ease of use that these offer, Google Sheets is ahead, since in its functions you can see something more automatic and simple. Generally, the many options that Excel has, while better, tend to confuse users when saving data to tables.

How to convert an Excel document to a Google Sheets sheet?

There will be cases in which we have to and work a spreadsheet from Excel to Sheets to be able to continue some work if we do not have a team with Excel. Therefore, here we will explain how quickly you can make this change and take advantage of other options in Sheets.

The first thing you have to do to access the Excel document in Google Sheets is to upload that file in the storage provided by Google Drive pressing the “New” option. Once there, the option to upload a file with the XLSX format that comes from Excel will appear and at the same time it will be available in the Drive database.

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Having done this, the file will be available and in order to use it you have to select “open with” and from the options that appear, click on Google Spreadsheets. Google itself will be in charge of converting the Excel document to a Sheets compliant document and you can continue working the same sheet.

Of course, maybe it happens that once we’re done, we want to return the document with the changes made in Sheets to Excel, and it can be done from there. For this, you just have to reverse the process that we had done and in the files we select “download as” in “Microsoft Excel” and it will be ready.

Which spreadsheet is better?

The answer will depend on the preference and need of whoever is going to work on a spreadsheet. For instance, if the jobs and data you are writing are long and they carry complex calculations, it is best that you use Excel, since it has more options available.

If the jobs you need to do are not complex, you can decide to use Sheets, which is easier to save ideas. Also, remember that with Sheets you can work online and be fully connected with the other services that Google offers you.

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After all, both programs work very well separately according to what you have to do. And the important point to keep in mind, and that we analyzed earlier, is that they can work together to give you more options at work.

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