How to Convert an Excel File to PDF Without Losing the Format Free

Initially it should be considered that an excel workbook is a file which runs through a Microsoft spreadsheet application. In turn, they are considered spreadsheet page sets, you can also include separate or independent information in the file.

It is important to note that these files are generally generated by the Microsoft Excel software. But there are a wide variety of programs that are capable of reading and editing them.

It should also be mentioned that the PDF format is one of the most used files when saving documents and if you wish you can open and edit them in Word. This is because it is a more favorable method when sharing it, because the information is not modified.

Discover how to convert Excel files to PDF

In turn, there are many people who, due to the content of their creations, need to convert the Excel file to a PDF document. In order to get a better view and that it is not edited or modified its content.

Below we will explain step by step what are the steps you must follow to convert these files to PDF.

First of all, you must verify that you have the original office application installed on your computer. If you have Windows you must open Acrobat DC and click on the option “tools” and then select “create PDF” to be able to open it.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Then select the file and open it like this. Acrobat will allow you to preview the file. Likewise, when it is created, it saves it in the same location as the original file, even with the same name but has the PDF extension.

It is also important to note that you can select the option to “restrict editing” which you can view in the dialog box to prevent third parties from modifying the finished file.

Similarly, you can achieve this conversion with “PDFelement” and the Excel file can be loaded, and if it is already finished to be able to save it in the desired format, click on the option “create PDF” which is in the main window and then click on “Finalize”.

Together you can edit the PDF file with a wide variety of tools such as adding image, editing text, adding background among other options. Then you must select “file” and select where it says “save as” to be able to choose the option of “PDF”.

It is important to mention that this tool is available, since there are people who work with a large number of documents.

Programs to convert files

It should be noted that there are a large number of online programs with which you can easily transform your Excel files to PDF. And the most important thing is that you can do it for free.

In turn, there are a variety of programs to create the conversion of files but you should consider if you have Windows, Mac, Microsoft office 2010-2013, online, using Preview or with an add-in, in the same way with Adobe Reader or Excel programs. for Mac.

Together we name you other programs to convert Excel files to PDF for free. Taking into account that they are the most efficient.

“Doc2PDF”: This is an online service and desktop application. With this application you can convert files with a maximum of 25 MB.

Doc2PDF Icon

Another program is “Nuance PDF Converter for Mac”– Convert images, tables, and columns intact to PDF. You can even lock the file.

“Wondershare PDF Converter Pro”– It has a professional level to convert the files, and multiple Excel files can be combined to make one PDF file. It also has the function to check or edit the text in the PDF file.

It is also available “Novapdf Add-On”: this comes for Microsoft office embedded in the Microsoft Excel program. But unlike other programs, this one cannot combine several Excels to create a PDF file.

Finally, we hope this article has been of help to you, we would like to know your opinion. Do you know another method to convert an Excel file to PDF without losing the format? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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