How to Convert an Excel Mailing List to a Free Online vCard File

Conversion programs are very useful tools that allow users to convert files of a certain format to an equivalent of quick and easy way. In fact, there are such good programs to convert certain types of files that are used on a daily basis, such as converting MP4 files to MP3.

However, not all programs are good for it and if you are not careful you can even damage the resulting file. So getting good programs to carry out this work is very important, since otherwise you will not be able to count on this great ally.

And we have come to talk to you about this topic today. Has it happened to you that you have an Excel email and you want to convert it to a vCard file but you don’t know how to do it? Do not worry since you are not the only one with this problem, many people do not know the method that we are going to show you below.

What are vCard files?

The vCard files They are composed with data encodings that are used for storage and collection of user contact data in a file that is saved in the VCF format. In case you need to open and manage a file in VCF format on PC, here we leave you the information.

In this type of vCard files we can find or save contact names, postal and office addresses, email addresses, telephone and telephone numbers and other information associated with a person.

Stuck with the .vcf extension, vCard files can be implemented with text and binary formats, this makes it possible for you to add photos and multimedia content to a contact list that is stored in a vCard file. That is why it is important that you learn how to transfer or convert phone contacts to a vCards file.

These vCards are a standard file format so that they can be used in electronic business cards. These files are often wrapped in email messages, but they can also be exchanged in other ways, such as in the Word wide web or instant messaging.

You can also contain information on names, addresses, phone numbers, also email addresses, URLs, logos, photographs and even audio clips.

How to convert Excel mailing list to VCF file?

Doing this is quite simple, with a few small steps to follow you will be able to achieve your goal, so go ahead and read on to learn how to do it.

Step 1: Upload Excel

In order to upload your Excel file, you must locate it on your computer and select it, it can be through the URL, Google Drive, Dropbox or you can simply drag it to the page.

Step 2: Choose VCF

For this second step you must choose a VCF file or any other format that you need as a result. You have a variety of more than 200 formats supported.

Step 3: Download your VCF

So that you can have your file in VCF format available, you must let it convert, and after this process you can download it immediately afterwards.

Converting an Excel file to Pdfmall VCF is actually quite simple, and the best of all is that it is very easy to do and you can also do it totally free and without any restrictions or limitations.

You will not have any need to register or deliver any kind of personal information. You will even have the opportunity to use this service on any of your devices, you can also use it anytime, anywhere.

Another of the great advantages is that you will have your security protected. Your files or content will be so protected that they cannot be used after the conversion.

Office Open XML Worksheet Sheet

excel logo on background of cells with data

The term XLSX is about a file format that is created by Microsoft Excel from the 2007 version onwards and it is a spreadsheet. All these distributed data and documents are stored in the cells.

Each of these cells has a unique address that can be distinguished by the Arabic letters and numbers. This type of XLSX file format is based on Open XML. And if you want to reduce the size of the files they are compressed in ZIP.

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