How to Convert an HTML File or Document to MP3 in Google Chrome (Example)

The idea of convert HTML file to MP3 It sounds quite strange when you hear it for the first time, but it turns out that it is a fairly common process within Internet browsers such as Google Chrome.

If we focus on a specific program, we must know that Google Chrome is a widely used browser today. This consists of multiple tools capable of improving the experience of its users. However, if the browser seems a bit slow to you, you can speed up the speed with which Google Chrome works.

However, you should know that to perform this type of conversion it is not necessary to use some kind of web page or download an add-on for the browser.

This procedure is very simple, and will only consist of a few simple steps to achieve it. All with the intention that you can easily obtain the audio within your computer.

If as you go browsing you come across a audio file you want downloadr, but you do not find how, today you will discover how to achieve it in a practical and simple way.

Why does the need to convert an HTML file to MP3 occur?

As you browse through Internet pages, you may come across files that are of sufficient interest to you that you want to store them on your computer.

When it comes to audio extensions, the MP3 format it is supported within different programs. Currently, even those softwares that are not dedicated to this type of files have a player complement, to cover all the user’s needs.

convert HTML file to MP3

If we talk about Google Chrome, the browser has automatic players. Its purpose is to play those files with an MP3 extension without the need for the user to jump to another window in order to listen.

In this way, the browser tries to use the integrated function within its programming, so that users can enjoy the content through a new tab.

This feature was recently added to make it easier to use the multimedia content that they can run into on the Internet. However, if you want to download this file, it is not possible to acquire it through a download link, much less in its original extension.

That is why there are these types of conversions, as they are the easiest method of acquiring them. Although they are not obtained in a simple way.

Method to convert an HTML file to MP3 through Google Chrome

One of the best aspects related to this method is that does not merit the use of any internet page or converter to complete the file download.

convert an HTML file to MP3 through Google Chrome

Similarly, the operating system you use (Windows, for example) does not need to have a program installed to offer a download option. The necessary tools are offered to you by Google Chrome, a browser fully capable of even saving and converting web pages in PDF format.

To convert an HTML file to MP3, it is only necessary to state with the browser. In this case Google Chrome, and the specific address that refers to the sound file.

Step by step to download in MP3 format

Once the website that contains the song or audio you want to purchase has been accessed, you should know that when you click on it to be able to listen to it, the browser takes you to a new tab implemented solely for playback.

This link is the one you should use. Since you can convert it into a bookmark and implement the Chrome menu options to convert an HTML file to MP3.

Among the options you must do the following: right-click on the marker, or if necessary open the audio tab and enter the browser settings.

In both cases, the option “Save page as …”, Which you are going to select so that a window will open on the screen that will allow you to establish the saving site.

At this point, and within the name bar, try to set the title of the audio you want, accompanied by “.mp3” without the quotes, so that the conversion will automatically take place.

When you search for the file, you will see that you have managed to download said audio in the desired format. So only now will you have to open it to be able to listen to it through your system’s player.

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