How to Convert an Illustrator File to PowerPoint Easily (Example)

A very useful convention that programs have is the facility to export your content to other formats, as is the case with converting an Illustrator file into PowerPoint.

Adobe Illustrator is a version of Adobe Rooms. Developed with the purpose of creating a space for those who are dedicated to draw and create artistic works.

Although there are other Adobe tools that contain functions enabled to create this type of designs. Illustrator is a much more dedicated program, also having various tools for drawing.

The ease of being able to convert an Illustrator file may be necessary in case you need to use the content within another program. Or simply acquire the result of the project for a specific use.

This is due to the fact that the extension adopted by the documents of this software (called with the acronym “AI”) they are not readable within any other program. Much less allows the visualization of the projects, in case the computer does not have Adobe Illustrator installed.

If, on your part, you deserve to carry out this type of export, you will be pleased to know that within the same software you have easy-to-use conversion options.

Settings to convert an Illustrator file to any other extension

Adobe Illustrator can be defined as a software dedicated to editing vector graphics, in turn taking the form of a drawing workshop.

convert an Illustrator file to any other extension

All this in order to function as a free canvas or workbench. So that users can illustrate their artistic creations, or design and edit images.

As mentioned above, the program has the option to export projects in different formats. In order that these can be used in other entities.

Steps to export an Adobe Illustrator document

In order to convert an Illustrator file, once the creation or editing of the image is finished, you must access the “File” tab located in the upper left part of the screen.

Among the options, it will appear “To export”. After clicking on it, select a location for the document and its name.

Finally, you must select extension with which you want the image to be saved. Through the drop-down menu found in the window.

To finish, click on the “Save” button and you will have successfully exported the project based on another extension.

What extension to choose when converting an Illustrator file for use in PowerPoint?

The main problem is based on the different nuances that each program represents, since Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show, while Adobe illustrator it is a design room.

Choose extension when converting an Illustrator file for use in PowerPoint

Due to this, neither of the two software has the ability to transform your document to the format or extension that characterizes the other.

This generates a difficulty for those people who, for example, want to add the image of one of their projects within some slide for some presentation.

This is where the Adobe Illustrator “Export” option is once again part, since among the available extensions there are options that can be handled within PowerPoint.

Steps to convert an Illustrator file to a PowerPoint-readable extension

Unlike the Adobe program, PowerPoint works based on screen measurements. Por what, mainly, it will be necessary to resize the project through the “Scale” option to adjust it to the size of the monitor.

Likewise, and before exporting, it is also necessary change the “Document Color Mode”. Because PowerPoint displays spaces through “RGB”.

Once these previous steps have been carried out, access the export options that were explained previously, thus choosing a format that is compatible with the slide program. For example, there is the extension JPG, WMF, GIF or BMP.

You will have easily managed to convert a file from Illustrator, and you can start using it within the slides, in order to complete the presentation or the task that you had planned within this program.

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