How to Convert an Image to PDF for Free without Online Programs (Example)

Opening, editing and converting PDF files on PC is very easy. So you may want to know how to convert an image to PDF for free without online programs and that is why we explain the procedure through this tutorial. In fact, this task is especially useful if you want to offer an image in textual format.

What is the PDF format?

The PDF format is very common for digital books, manuals, official documents and other files that often include text and images. This is possible thanks to its status as composite format, which allows the inclusion of bitmap images, texts and vector images.

The versatile conditions of PDF, They make it one of the most important formats globally. Therefore, it is convenient to store text files with images or those relevant documents in this format. In fact, it is very useful to scan multiple documents into a single PDF file if users want to digitize their files.

The launch of this format occurred in 1993, in any case, its popularity would grow mainly after the year 2000. As we mentioned before, today both companies and users use itIn addition, there are conversion tools that allow you to obtain a file of this format very easily.

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How to convert an image to PDF for free without online programs

Advances in the world of computing have made it possible to perform previously complicated tasks very easily. In relation to this, there have arisen multiple tools that we can use through our browsers, said is the case of converters.

There are converters of all kinds, from the most basic ones that allow you to convert images to another format, to those that allow the conversion of online videos. Similarly, it is possible to work with formats like PDF, so converting an image to this format can be done very easily.


Smallpdf is one of the most recommended options in the event that you want to convert images to PDF format, in fact, the platform specifically focuses on this popular textual and graphic format, so it is the site that most go to when they want to convert files over the Internet.

One of the advantages of Smallpdf, is that it is very easy to use and its status as a website means that you can use it on any device without the need to install additional software, using only your browser.

In case you want to convert images to PDF format, we recommend that you carefully read the following guide where you will see the process step by step.

Convert PDF image

Convert images to PDF with Smallpdf

  1. The first thing you should do is access the website
  2. Once there you must select the conversion settings you want, in this case an image, you must select JPG to PDF, option with which you can change images in JPGF, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF formats to PDF.
  3. After having done the above, the conversion tool will be displayed on the screen, the process is simple, just press on the “Choose Files” option.
  4. When you do the above, the file explorer will appear on the screen, locate the image you want to convert to PDF format and click on the option, “Open”, wait until the image in JPG format is uploaded correctly.
  5. The configuration will be shown on the screen, in which you can choose the size of the sheet and other factors, in the case that you are a novice user, we recommend leaving everything by default, now click on the option “CREATE PDF NOW!”.
  6. After the previous process, your image will have been successfully converted to PDF format. To obtain it, just click on “Down load File” and select the location where you want to save the document.

Using the above tutorial you can easily convert any image to PDF format. In turn, we recommend editing your PDF documents with the free online iLovePDF tool when required.

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