How to Convert an IPT File to DWG Online Free (Example)

You may have tried to open a file with an IPT extension, and no matter how hard you try over and over again, you won’t succeed. But we want to tell you that not everything will be lost, because there is an alternative to open it. So in this post we will show you quickly and easily how convert IPT file to DWG online for free.

It has happened to many users that they cannot open files with certain extensions, if your case is that it has been impossible to open a file with an IPT extension, which are the ones used for the design of 3D prototypes, we will offer you a very practical suggestion that we know will be of great help to you.

make a 3d design with autocad

What alternatives do you have to open an IPT file?

The most recommended in your case would be to convert your IPT file to one of DWG extension. This option will allow you to open it later without major inconvenience, since this is a program created by Adobe for 3D objects and you can open it with various programs.

Being fully compatible with the IPT. This feature is exactly what is normally done when we want to convert files to another extension.

For this, we give you good news, and that is that you have a series of alternatives that we will tell you here, and even free online converters that will help you in this process; By the way, with an online converter you can make the conversion without much difficulty.

In this way, you will not be forced to pay for any online program to convert files, as some of them are somewhat expensive.

What are the steps to convert the IPT file to DWG?

You need to take into account just a couple of Steps. It does not matter which converter program you have selected on the web, they all have a very friendly interface with which you can quickly become familiar; an advantage as this will make it easier for you to apply the process of converting IPT files to DWG that you can edit even online.

However, before using it, or downloading it if required, you can get good advice and see the opinions of other users. Just make sure to use the one that best suits your need. Some are in English, but if you are not fluent, just use a translator to follow the instructions that are quite simple.

Use the Autodesk Inventor program

  • Download the software AutoDesk Inventor and open your file there, click on File and then Save as. Now click on .dwg, so it will be saved as a copy in that extension.
  • Another way would be to click on the tab To export, there select Convert to .dwg. Name the file. click on the Options button, verify that the version is Autocad 2007. Click on Ok and finally on Keep. Now open your file to check if you can view it without problem.

dwg converter online and free

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Another alternative would be to use an IPT to DWG file converter

  • Select and download, if necessary, one of the free online programs to convert files. There are many available on the web, but it must be exclusively for the type of files that AutoCAD supports. (If you want to know how to activate the latest version of AutoCAD we leave you this link)
  • Some converters do not require installation, so you can use them directly; the only thing the page can ask you to do is install its extension, or subscribe. Once you have opened one of the free online converters of your choice, proceed with the process of conversion.
  • Select the IPT file you want to convert from your computer, dropbox, drive or some link. Once you have it, click on the convert button. Now choose the DWG extension, which is the target format they want to convert.

Save the DWG extension file on your computer

  • Then, choose the folder on your computer where you will save your converted DWG file. Tap on confirm. Finally, wait a few moments for the whole process to finish.

How could you have noticed how convert IPT file to DWG online for free, it is an extremely simple process. As a last recommendation, we would tell you that it is necessary to safeguard your IPT file, simply by saving a backup copy on your computer or in the cloud, even if the chosen converter is successful. So apply our recommendations and get to work.

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