How to Convert an XML File to a Word, Excel or TXT Text Document

With so many programs to simplify and improve our lives digitally, we can sometimes feel a little overloaded. There are many formats that seem to do the same thing, but you need to use one for a particular task. So today we show you how to convert XML file to Word, Excel or TXT text document easily.

What is XML?

XML is an acronym for Extensive Markup Language. It is usually translated as “Extensible Markup Language”. A Markup Language, or Markup Language is a very important programming language, used very widely.

A Markup Language is designed to be readable for a human and for a computer at the same time. This is accomplished by using tags that are marked with the symbols “<" and ">“.

Unlike other languages, XML supports databases; this is useful when multiple applications must communicate with each other. Keep in mind that XML alone is not very powerful. It was designed to be used with other technologies that make it bigger.

Currently, its main use is to allow compatibility between different systems. Being a language designed to be easy to read, too easy learn how to use it, and we recommend that you make use of one of the many online courses and tutorials that show you how to program with this language.

Open XML file

In this article, we just teach you how to open and edit these files, for an example of an everyday use of XML, but you can also convert an XML file to Word.

How to use an XML file?

Internet browsers support XML. Some can allow you to visualize the code, and others allow you to execute it; but most modern web browsers allow you to do both depending on the context.

If you have ever entered an online forum and used the formatting functions, you are most likely familiar with BBCode, an XML-based language but even simpler, used only to format a text area. A fairly common type of file that is based on XML is the RTF, used by the Microsoft Wordpad program, which can be installed in Windows 10 without problems.

How to open an XML file?

The subject of this article is How to convert an XML file to a Word, Excel or TXT text document. However, in most cases this is not necessary. If you just want to know how to convert documents, skip to the last section.

Memo pad

Windows Notepad can open XML files without converting them. To do this, simply double click on the file, select the option that allows you to choose an installed program, and select Notepad.

Notepad ++ can also open XML files, and is the most used by programmers to edit text files and markup languages. You can download Notepad ++ from the Microsoft Store, it is very simple and start using it immediately.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and most web browsers allow you to open XML files. To do this, simply double click on the file, select the option that allows you to choose an installed program, and select your web browser.

Microsoft Excel

Depending on the content of the XML, Excel can open it as any table. To do this, simply double click on the file, select the option that allows you to choose an installed program, and select Microsoft Office Excel. Alternatively, you can open Excel, press “Control” and “O” at the same time, and select the XML file.

Program on laptop in XML

How to convert an XML file to a text document?

As we already mentioned, XML is a very simple language, which makes it very versatile, which is why many applications support it. If you still need to convert it, it is so versatile that sometimes a simple operation is enough:

Change the extension of the XML file

Simply change the extension “.XML” to “.TXT” or “.XLSX”, with that you can open it using your favorite default program.

Use an online converter

You can also use one of the many online converters to convert XML to almost any other type of file. Anyconv online converter allows you to go from XML to DOCX.

Learn how to use it

The easiest way to open any file is always to know it well. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of continuing to learn how to use all the files. You never know when you may need it!

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