How to Convert and Import Outlook Email to Thunderbird (Example)

If for any reason you feel dissatisfied with the service offered by a platform. Importing your email to a new system is a feasible solution to this situation. Such is the case in this article, where you can learn how to convert and import Outlook email to Mozilla Thunderbird.

At present, each of these emails crossed the barrier of browser programs and work through programs that can be installed inside the computer. All in order to grant you greater comfort and freedom of organization to those who register on its platform.

This in turn provided a great advantage, since it saves the hard work that had to be done in case of wanting to import the current email to another platform. Taking into account that within the browsers it was really difficult to transfer all the stored data.

Likewise, each of these servers also have the option of import and export information. Also facilitating the extraction of data, so that they can be recognized in another email platform.

That is why today we will recommend how to perform this type of task and what are the best options to complete the transfer satisfactorily.

Why import your current email to a new platform?

Since the options are summarized to two of the servers emails most famous today, it is necessary to evaluate the advantages of executing this type of procedure.

Outlook is known as the hotmail evolution, a very famous email platform created by Microsoft during the computer boom.

import current email to a new platform

At present, it can be considered that at least 90% of Internet users have at least one account within Outlook. Due to his legacy and the lack of options at the beginning of the time. However, it continues to offer attractive features and useful tools for its users, such as recovering deleted emails that you thought were lost.

Although this evolution tries to have the best of the interfaces and to grant the best of the comforts to its users, many people have decided to migrate to other platforms. In search of greater freedoms or different services.

That is why one of your main options when importing email is Thunderbird. The system created by Mozilla Firefox for its users.

Known for its open source email interface, it gives those who sign up to your site greater freedom. Allowing them a better control of the information they store within their platform.

How can email be imported from Outlook to Thunderbird?

Earlier we mentioned that email companies had left behind the limitations of the programs explorers, in order to create their own software and ensure the comfort of those who need it.

import email from Outlook to Thunderbird

To import the information from Outlook to ThunderbirdThese programs will work as key aspects to complete it, and it is done as follows (it should be noted that Thunderbird services are not limited to Outlook. You can also import your information and contacts from Gmail to your email in Thunderbird):

From Outlook

Importing e-mail and the information contained in it over the years is very simple, since to start it is only necessary to configure the Outlook program as the default mail system through the “Beginning” from your computer.

Access the option “Default programs” that Windows has and enters the “Set default programs” section. Within the menu, a list of the software that your computer has will be displayed, and you will search for “Microsoft Outlook” to configure it in such a way.

From Thunderbird

Once inside the Mozilla email program, go to the “Tools” section and click on the option to “To import”.

The next step will be up to you, as you have the freedom to import all content from your previous email or transfer only a specific set of information.

Whatever the decision taken, once the parameters to be transferred have been chosen, click on the “Next” button to choose “Outlook” as the source platform to acquire the requested data.

By accepting, the progress can be monitored through a progress bar that will appear on your screen. Then press the button “Finalize” once the process is complete. Once the process is complete, if you want to add one more touch to your Thunderbird mail files, you can save and backup the folders.

From then on you can celebrate that you know how you can successfully convert and import Outlook email to Thunderbird. Now it only remains to enjoy the services that Thunderbird has for you.

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