How to Convert and Save a Grayscale PDF? – Easy and Fast Free (Example)

A PDF file, known as Portable Document Format For its acronym in English, it is a document created to save its original properties, and that it cannot be modified. Find out how to convert and save a grayscale PDF.

This storage format, created in 1991, is still valid today due to its incredible advantages and characteristics. You can convert any combination of files, like photos and texts at the same time. In addition, you find an astonishing number of online converters throughout the web, where you just have to upload the file and go.

If, on the other hand, you have a file in XPS format, you can convert this document to PDF first and then make the necessary edits and changes.

Before editing a PDF you may find that it is protected, so it does not allow any editing, normally these documents are protected by a password, but do not worry that there are ways to unlock or remove the password.

Advantages of grayscale

The gray scale is roughly the conversion of a document made in color to black and white. They are different graduations of black from which various shades of gray are obtained, hence the name. There are several reasons why you decide to convert and save a grayscale PDF, know them all.


  • Save ink when making prints. This is described in the queue and, if we have a file with many images that we need physically, it is best to opt for this option.
  • Reduce file size. By choosing to convert and save a grayscale PDF, it is possible to compress it and thus will take up less space on your computer.

In addition to changing the colors of a PDF to only grayscale, you may also be interested in making other changes to the files such as organizing, deleting and exporting pages, this can be done from Adobe Acrobat.

Find out how to convert and save a grayscale PDF

There are different applications to perform this method, and they all work basically the same way. All the best known ones will be mentioned here so that you can make your choice based on the characteristics.


Virtual printers

Before launching into online applications, find out how you can convert and save a grayscale PDF file through this method or a viewer. You can use Google Chrome to directly open the file, once there press the option “To print”.

You may also be interested in:

Choose the printer from “Microsoft Print to PDF“, Check the option”Black and white”, Select“To print”So that the file is saved directly with these settings.

Sejda PDF

It is a converter that is found directly on the web and has several options and tools for editing files. It has a maximum of 200 pages and 50MB within the conversion guidelines, although you can only do three free conversions per hour.

Sejda guarantees security and privacy in your files, since it deletes them automatically after 5 hours. The only thing you have to do to convert to grayscale is to enter select “Upload PDF Files” and then, “Convert to Grayscale”. Finally, download them to your computer and that’s it.


This tool is very easy to use, although the process is a bit slower than the previous one. Upon entering, click on “Select Files“And” PDF “and section “Compression”, there is the option of “Grayscale”. After selecting these preferences, you just have to press “Turn into” and the file will download automatically.

convert PDF


It is a downloadable and free application that in addition to being a converter works as a printer, in which you can directly select the grayscale option if that is the case. Once in the application, drop the file you want to change to grayscale to open it or click “Open file”.

Then click “File” and “To print” there, select “Wordshare PDFelement”And below the option “Colour” change of “Multicolored” to “Gray”. Click “To print”To convert. The document will open automatically and you just have to go to “File” to be able to save it.

In addition to these programs on the net you will also find other PDF editing programs such as iLovePDF that allows you to make various changes to the document you need

Without further ado, I hope that some of these programs will help you to achieve your mission. For more similar content and many other curiosities you can visit our home page.

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