How to Convert DMG File to ISO Image in Windows Easily? (Example)

If you have an image file in DMG format, you may very well want to convert it to the ISO format. Therefore, in the next tutorial we will teach you How to convert a file to an ISO image in Windows easily? to avoid any compatibility issues.

What is a disk image file?

When we talk about a disk image, we mean those files that are specifically exact copies from discs or cds (DVD, Blu-Ray etc.). Therefore, we can burn a disc image on a DVD or CD either for Windows or Mac in order to reproduce said content.

Images in ISO format are very common for the transmission of files such as operating systems and various programs. Therefore, it is very easy to create a DMG disk image on a Mac. However, not all systems support files such as DMG (image format of the Apple company) therefore, it would be convenient to convert them to ISO, which is much more common.

How to convert DMG file to ISO image on Windows easily?

Converting a DMG image file to ISO on Windows is similar to creating an ISO image with Daemon Tools. In this case, we will only need software designed for this particular function and, in this case, it is AnyBurn. Read the following information to learn how to convert DMG image files using the AnyBurn application.

DVD discs


AnyBurn is one of the most recognized applications for converting disk image formats, without a doubt it is an optional that you should consider in the case that you have files in DMG format, since it presents compatibility with said type of files.

One of the advantages of this application is its great ease of use and multiple functions related to disc images and cds. Among the options available in the program, we have the possibility of converting a virtual disk to ISO, including the DMG format.

If you want to convert a file from DMG image to ISO format, you should use this popular tool that will surely offer you everything you need when using disk images. Read the following guide carefully to learn how to download and later use Anyburn.

Download program

  1. The first step to convert your DMG disk image to ISO is to download the AnyBurn program, which you can obtain through the anyburn website.
  2. Once you are on the download page, you must select the appropriate download file for your operating system, be aware of the type of files on your system, that is 32 or 64 bit and download that one according to your team.
  3. The program is very light, in fact, it weighs less than 2 MB, so the download process should be very fast.
  4. When the program has been downloaded, it is time to install it, to do this, just double-click on the installer that you downloaded previously. In the event that a warning appears on the screen requiring administrator permissions, just click on “Yes”.
  5. To install the program, the first thing you should do is press on “I agree” and then click on the “Install” option, after this the installation process will end.

DVD disc

Use the program to convert DMG file to ISO image on Windows easily

    1. Using the program is very simple, you just have to start it and then press on option “Convert image file Format”.
    2. On the next screen you must select the image in DMG format, to do this, click on the folder located to the right of “Select source image file” and find the file you want to convert.
    3. In the “Select image file type” section, choose the option “Standard ISO Images (.ISO)”.
    4. Now you just have to press on clicking on “Convert Now ”.
    5. Wait until the process is finished, the duration of which is related to the capacity of your computer and the size of the disk image. After finishing the process, you should locate the image converted to ISO format in the source folder of the original image (DMG).

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