How to Convert DVD to MP4, AVI or FLV with Wonderfox Video Converter? (Example) | See How It’s Done

Sometimes we need to convert a DVD to another digital video format in order to preserve its content in another location, be it the hard drive, the cloud, or a USB drive. If you want to know How to convert a DVD to MP4, AVI or FLV with Wonderfox Video Converter?, pay attention to this interesting article.

The Wonderfox Video Converter app

Wonderfox Video Converter stands out for being a multifunctional application that can be used to convert DVD video formats. This tool has a high level of popularity due to its effectiveness and the wide variety of video formats supported by the software.

Next, we will explain what Wonderfox Video Converter consists of, its attributes and a procedure to convert DVD to MP4, AVI or FLV.

What is Wonderfox Video Converter?

Wonderfox Video Converter is a software used to convert videos easily from Windows system. Among the most outstanding features of this tool are:

  • Multifunctionality: Wonderfox Video Converter allows you to transform a video DVD to any type of format such as AVI, MP4, FLV, among others
  • It has an editor: The software has an editor that makes it easy to modify the videos by cropping and flipping them and even taking snapshots.
  • The compatibility: The application has compatibility with numerous video codecs, giving it greater relevance by allowing a wide conversion capacity compared to other tools.

Wonderfox Video Converter Features?

Wonderfox Video Converter is a software that has a Graphic interface very practical and simple. In addition, it serves to convert any type of video and improve its quality when necessary. The application also offers the option to download videos in various resolutions, edit and compress them.

Convert DVD with Wonderfox Video Converter

How to convert a DVD to MP4, AVI or FLV with Wonderfox Video Converter?

If you want to convert a DVD to MP4, AVI or FLV in order to keep its content in another location then follow the steps below.

Download Wonderfox Video Converter

First, you need to locate the software for your computer. All you have to do is go to the videoconverterfactory website. There, you will find this tool that you must download and install in order to enjoy its features.

Install Wonderfox Video Converter

The Wonderfox Video Converter installation process is quick and easy. You just have to activate the default options so you don’t have to change the default settings and press the “Next” button.

Wonderfox Video Converter has a “paid version” for which you must enter a registration code so that you take advantage of all the features of the software and a “free version” with which you can convert up to five minutes of any video of your choice.

Use Wonderfox Video Converter

Once you have installed the software you can use it to convert videos very easily from different origins. You will see a main screen that will indicate the steps you must follow to convert video files.

Convert DVD to MP4

Add the DVD to transform it to MP4, AVI or FLV

First, you must insert the DVD in the respective drive and from the application select the source of the disc. For this, locate the option “DVD Disc” OR “DVD folder” and click on it. If you want to make some adjustments in order to capture images, flip the images or crop them you must press the button “Edit”.

Later, on the right side of the panel, you will find all the supported video formats. In this regard, choose MP4, AVI or FLV as it suits you. You will see an option called “Parameters” where you will find some functions to modify the resolution, the frame rate and the codec. With these changes you will notice that the size of the video will not be the same after the conversion.

Go through the conversion process

To carry out the conversion you must click on the “Execute” button. How long this process takes will depend on the video quality that you have chosen and the performance of your computer. In case you can’t play the video on your PC, make sure to update the graphics card drivers and check the codecs in your default player.

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