How to Convert Excel Charts to TIFF File Free Online

Using a TIFF file can expand the editing capabilities of an image. For this reason, you may want to store your Excel charts in a file with this type of format. We recommend you read this article with which you will learn how to convert Excel charts to TIFF file for free online

What is a TIFF file?

TIFF stands for “Tagged Image File Format” or tagged image file format. TIFF was created by the Aldus company in 1987 and is widely used in the field of professional photography. A TIFF file Contains tags that identify the image or set of images.

The format of TIFF graphics makes it easy to compress files with or without loss of quality by means of the LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) algorithm and has considerable versatility. Likewise, it allows saving compressed bitmap images of more than 4Gb and it is possible to store more than one image in the same file.

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What is a TIFF file for?

A TIFF file is used to save vector graphics as well as bitmaps. Also, you can store photos and line art. The TIFF format has been widely accepted by users because it allows the use of various color spaces and supports depths ranging from 1 bit to 24 bit.

A TIFF file defines tags that are used to set image attributes such as the number of colors it uses, its dimensions, gamma correction, and the type of compression.

How to Convert Excel Charts to TIFF File Free Online

While it is true that we can insert charts into a cell in Excel, it is also important to know that there are several alternatives to be able to convert these graphics to a TIFF file for free from the internet. Here are some of the most representative options that you can use when you need to do this procedure.


PDFMall is a website that allows you to perform the process of converting Excel charts into a TIFF file completely free of charge and without any restrictions. The converter It has a text recognition mode and the result obtained is optimal. No need to pre-register or provide personal information.

Use “PDFMall”

To use the converter “PDFMall” you must access their website from pfmall. Press the “Select File” button to find the location of the Excel .xls file. You can also add the URL if the graphics are hosted on a web page.

Then, select the text recognition mode (OCR or Excel text) and finally press the “Convert now” button.

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Another alternative: “Online Convert”

Just as it is possible to convert an Excel file to JPG online and for free, the “Online Convert” website also offers a file converter with the extension .xls to .tiff. It has a free and paid version or “Premium”. It is important to note that the free version of the converter shows advertising, supports only five files per conversion and works for a file with a maximum size of 100 Mb.

Use Online Converter

To use the converter “Online Converter” Access the Online Converter website. Press “Select file” in order to load the Excel chart, which must be in a file with the extension .xls or .xlsx. The website also offers the option of uploading the Excel file from a Url or choose the file from the cloud (Google Drive).

Make some settings

You can make some settings such as set size, color, apply enhancements and trimmings. This step is optional but can be very useful if you want to make some changes to the file.

Convert Excel charts

Once you have completed the steps above, press the button “Start conversion”. Immediately, the site will go through the process and show you progress, upload frequency, total file size, and time remaining. On the other hand, if you are interested in obtaining only the values ​​that the graph returns, you can choose to convert the Excel xls file to txt from the Microsoft Excel application to get the new text format you want.

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