How to Convert Files with CDR Extension to EPS and AI Easily (Example)

In this section we teach you how to convert files CDR to EPS and AI unused Corel Draw. This information will be useful when you need to open a file with this extension and you cannot, either because Corel Draw does not run under the Mac operating system or because Adobe Illustrator does not open .CDR files.

But it is not a problem, these uncomfortable situations are opportunities for you to discover tricks or tips that help you overcome obstacles without haste. So, write down the explanation for convert .cdr files to .eps and .ai without Corel Draw. Let’s first see what these extensions are.

colors half brown and green, on one side the logo of the ai file and on the other corel draw

.Cdr files

Refers to work with vector graphics files that covers lines, shapes, texts, images, colors and effects to create documents such as web pages, banners, brochures, etc. In other words, it is a type of format that is used in the drawing area; said digital documents is the main file of the image editing program, Corel Draw.

.Eps and .ai files

EPS, for short “Encapsulated PostScript” mostly used on websites. It was created by Adobe System, therefore it is one of the main files of Adobe Illustrator. It handles transparency formats of graphic files and image to vector conversion, making it easier for design programs to include graphic information.

The .ai extension, its acronym Adobe Illustrator Artwork, it is also a format that represents vector graphics created by Adobe System, therefore it is the standard Adobe Illustrator file, although it is possible to edit it without having the program installed. Something interesting about this extension is that instead of using image data, the format is made up of paths connected by points. In the following information we explain how convert .cdr files to .eps and .ai extensions without using Corel.

Converting from .cdr to .eps and .ai without using Corel Draw.

We know 2 ways to convert these files using online converters, so it will not be necessary to have Corel installed to perform the conversion. You can access Zamzar. What is it? It is an online converter of all types of formats and makes it easy to convert files without downloading the software. Well, get to work..!

  • Access the zamzar website
  • And follow the steps that they indicate. Step 1 you add the file with the extension .cdr that you want to convert.
  • Step 2. Convert to…. you choose the extension that you want the format to be saved.
  • Step 3. Hit the Convert Now button.

As you can see, it is that easy. If you choose to download it by mail, you only have to go to the inbox and when you enter you click on the link that they indicate.

It will direct you to the page where you will download your file. Press download now or download now. And ready.! It is downloaded directly to your computer. The other way is Online – Convert We will explain how.

window with a program converting cdr file to eps

  • You access the official website
  • Choose what format do you want to convert the file to.
  • Then in the first field or space select the file to convert
  • In the optional setting box, it is not necessary to modify or write, preferably leave it blank.
  • Click the Convert file button and wait a few seconds, it all depends on the size or complexity of the format.
  • When the indicator bar is complete, a window will open asking you to type the name of the file with the new format and do click save.
  • Once downloaded, you can open it with the Adobe illustrator and you can start working without any problem.

As you can see on both pages, you are offered a great variety of formats to convert, so you can take advantage of these very well. means for design work, without limiting yourself that you do not have the program.

We hope this knowledge has been useful to you. If you know other means to convert, you can leave your comment, so we expand the information for the benefit of other users.

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