How to Convert Images to Text for Word Online Free with OCR Scanner

Initially it should be noted that OCR is a technology that allows extract text from an imageIn addition, you can extract the text from a scanned image. It is a good method to save time, since sometimes you have to rewrite the text that is inside an image and therefore it is not editable.

You can also use this program to convert books into electronic OCR format. In turn, this online digital tool allows you to convert PDF to Word or images into editable documents, you just have to follow a few simple steps and you will have the result.

This tool consists of various formats to convert like PDF, GIF, BMP, JPEG and these files can be convert to TXT formats and can then be edited. In turn, this tool has several features, among which are: Accurate image-to-text conversion and scanned PDF-to-text conversion.

OCR scanner lets you convert images to text for Word online

It should also be noted that OCR allows upload up to five files, there are no limits on the number of conversions. Provides the best results from image files. It also supports low resolution images all online, without installation and totally free.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows you to scan a text document into an electronically automated file; together they can be edited, it is a computerized analysis system. So Optical Character Recognition enables machine recognition of printed text characters.

Next we will explain the steps to be able to extract the text from an image or digitized document using OCR technology. First you must enter the OCR official page, which you can get through this link. Next you must select file.

Online OCR converter

You can take for example two images, then you must select language and format that is displayed is unique, since it is the TXT format and then click on turn into. You wait a moment and the tool throws the editable files.

In this case it would be two files, they can be m1 and m2 if you open the first one, you will see the text and it can be edited, you can identify that the editable text is the same as that appeared in the image.

Later to save it you must right click on the name of the text, it will open a new window where you must select “save Link As”. It saves it in the TXT extension and finally clicks save.

Then you can open and edit it. This is how simple it is to convert images into editable text.

OCR system functions to convert images to texts

Woman Using Laptop

This tool is capable of recognizing numbers, types of text fonts, various characters, whether from typewriters or computers. So if you want to save time transcribing an image, it is best to convert it to text with the help of the OCR tool.

In addition, scanning a text document converts it to a bitmap or in a text box. So this tool compares the light and dark aspects of this bitmap and in this way you can understand what the alphanumeric terminals are.

In addition, each time OCR recognizes the characters, they are converted to plain text which can be edited in a word processor.

Among the advantages that OCR provides you, it stands out that the edited document can be read the same as the original document. Also this powerful software saves you time and effort, you can also save the documents for later printing and exchange with friends or partners.

Another advantage is that you can extract quotes from books for further investigation without having to rewrite the texts. Also, if you have a digital camera, you can capture the text of different banners, advertisements, among others, for conversion. Furthermore, all of it processed takes less than a minute.

Finally, it should be noted that this tool provides great advantages when writing or writing a text in Word. Since it is an excellent image converter and in this way it saves us time.

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