How to Convert M4a or ACC Files to MP3 with iTunes Easily

Many programs work almost exclusively when it comes to audio formats, some formats would not work with some programs. In view of that, it is prudent for you to know how to convert M4a or ACC files to MP3 with iTunes easily.

iTunes is the default media file manager for computers developed by Apple. If you want to transfer songs from your computer to your iPhone or iPod, it won’t be possible unless you don’t do it through iTunes. If you will copy songs with a normal file manager, you will not be able to find them later on your phone or player.

Another feature that iTunes has is that works as a perfect default player for any type of computer. You can even play movies, podcasts, songs, and entire albums; the latter which stores and orders perfectly, in addition to being able to change the information of the names of the songs.

But if something stands out, it is the ability of this program to change the audio format of a file.

How to Convert M4a or ACC Files to MP3 with iTunes

The MP3 format is one of the most common in which we see songs presented in general. In addition, it is the most accepted by any kind of multimedia file player or devices other than a computer.

iTunes has a quick and easy way to change the format of each audio file, so that they are acceptable by any portable device that you use.

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To start and change the M4A or ACC format to MP3 we must proceed to start the iTunes program, which will be simply Apple Music if we have an Apple computer. After having executed it, let us place ourselves in the main menu bar and choose the option “Edit” and later on “Edit preferences”.

Now, you must enter the “General” section to then import the configuration from the application. Click on the menu that appears right next to “Import using” where you will see a wide range of possible storage formats open. It is at this very important point in the process where you must of course select the desired format to convert the file.

Let’s accept the conditions and get ready to search our iTunes library for the files that we want to convert to MP3. It should be noted that if you cannot find the song you want to convert, this may be because you have not shared the song with iTunes. Remember that iTunes and our computer library are totally different systems.

Select all the songs you want to convert, you don’t have to go through this process converting them one by one to another format. You can choose all the songs you want to convert to change their format from M4A or ACC to MP3 in one go.

Behind this, now you can copy them to another computer (From Apple preferably) with the confidence that they will reproduce without any problem.

Now, changing the format of your songs to a more common one brings you many different advantages and benefits.

Is it good to change the format of M4A and ACC songs?

The M4A and ACC formats are much less common than MP3 formats, and not many current and even old devices can play them. So even if you’re not going to listen to music on your iPod, iPhone, or Mac, the best thing is change format of your songs as soon as possible. You can also go for an online audio converter.

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Even if you don’t use iTunes, you can listen to your favorite music songs on any device since they all accept the MP3 format. The audio quality will be very good, and it will be easier to find players that work more satisfactorily with your songs.

If you want to change an MP4 video to MP3 format, you will have to use other applications.

On the other hand, the MP3 format is extremely light and still maintains its quality, not like other formats. You can even store songs with hi-fi audio with the confidence that they won’t slow down your player or cause errors due to file size.

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