How to Convert Megapixels to DPI Easily

Convert the megapixel resolution At dots per inch in an image, it can be a difficult task to understand and obviously difficult to execute. The number of megapixels in a camera provide good photo or image quality.

An image is displayed differentlyIn other words, the quality and measurement of the image is not the same when observing it digitally as observing it physically, when it is already printed.

Images are set in formats such as: dots per inch or DPI and other types of formats such as megapixels, it all depends on the source equipment.

What is DPI and how is it measured?

Its acronym means dots per inch, which is the same: dots per inch. Refers to the amount of points of printed content to be contained within one inch. In other words, it is a direct reference to the quality of the image captured on the paper at the time of printing.

images show differences between dpi

But it will not only be a benchmark for final quality, it will also be a benchmark for the size that the image can reach once it is finished.

Its measurement is simple, and the name itself helps us to know and calculate it. Being points per inches we are going to take the total number of pixels that the iconography contains; andThis amount will be divided by the number of pixels per inch which will be the value given by the printing medium, so we will know what size the digital image will have at the end once it is printed.

The standard size for DPI printing is 300. However, there are higher capacity media that offer sharp images by allowing more dots per inch or DPI.

DPI Features

Its main characteristics are going to focus on the relationship between its two fundamental aspects, which in turn are the constituents of its structure, that is, that referred to the print quality and that concerning print size, as well as the relationship between the two.

The quality of your print

There is a tendency to think that the higher the DPI, the higher the quality, which is why astronomical amounts of dots per inch can be chosen, but this is a mistake. First, because the relationship established between the digital image and the final image, that is to say, physics.

However, if it is to consider that the DPI is essential to achieve a sharpness of the image, since the greater number of points; more detail space can be covered within the same reference inch.

This can happen in the digital environment, but remember that printing will be limited by the capacity of the issuing equipmentTherefore, a digital image resolution of 4500 DPI cannot be expected to be produced with high imaging technology, when the printing standard oscillates over 1000.

The size of your print.

It should not be thought that the DPI number will definitively change the final print size. Since the issuing entity will be the one who Issue the final size of the reduction under your capabilitiesno DPI adaptation, so a large format in DPI measurement, can look cloudy in a print adapted to less than 100 DPI when printed.

Which DPI is best for me to use?

Ideally, opt for the specific DPI on which the printing team works, standard DIP is 300. However, there are teams with less capacity so it is recommended to work below 300 if it is the case.

However, there is the antithesis, where it is necessary to work above 300 DPI, some equipment can give a print quality greater than 1000 or 1200Therefore, the IPR must be adapted to these previous considerations.
changing dpi using photoshop

How to know how many DPI an image has?

We just have to proceed to select the image, right click on it and in the list of options click on Properties. Once the window is displayed, we will go to the Details space; There we will see the vertical and horizontal resolution specifications, that number is the DPI.

How to change the dots per inch or dpi of my Android smartphone?

Converting the resolution from megapixels to dots per inch in an image is easy to do, if you really pay attention and follow the steps above. Increasing the size of any image without losing quality is very similar to changing the dpi of an Android.

To do this you must go to the phone’s settings or settings, the icon is shaped like a key, it all depends on the version of Android you use. Once there, go to the end of the settings and press the ‘About phone’ option.

Later select ‘Software Information’ and press several times in a row, so that the developer option is activated, then go to the settings again and in the last part press the option ‘Developer options’.

Then locate the option ‘Drawing’ and select the ‘Minimum width’ setting delete the number and write the one you think is convenient, the general configuration is that it is at 411 dpi.

If you wish include more space on your screenTo make the objects and letters smaller, you can try increasing the number described, to do the opposite, decrease it.

How to Convert an Image to DPI Easily

Convert the megapixel resolution to dots per inch in an imageIt is not impossible at all, although it is a bit difficult to understand. The dots per inch in an image correspond to the size, just like the megapixels.

To change the resolution of an image, you just have to bear in mind that the camera offers a format called megapixel, which is a million pixels and corresponds to the amount of color in an image.

That is, the above results from a multiplication of the width by the height of an image (in pixels) and divide it by 1 million. Next, you need to determine the size at which the image will be printed.

Divide the width of fleas by the width of pixels, then, in the digital editor you are using, increase the number of dots per inch, this means that, a printer is set to 120dpi.

convert megapixel resolution to dpi

The program or publisher will know that the maximum size of a photo and image is 25 by 17 inches. Then the 2000 pixels long and 3008 pixels wide are divided by 120 units, to determine the size in inches.

Change the dpi in Photoshop

For this purpose we must go to the Image section, while there we are going to click on the image size option. Now I know it deserves to establish the resolution, we are going to append the desired one, which will generally be 300. A DPI higher than 300 is only feasible with high-end equipment that can produce it in the end.

If we detail, when editing the new DPI figure, it will be seen how the values ​​present in the height and width spaces are reconfigured. This is the final dimension to be printed, so it must be taken into account to match the print detail capabilities offered by the equipment.

Change DPI Online Free

There is a very popular web application in this field, it is Convert Town. She allows online DPI change. To use it, you only have to search in the browser, enter, once there the image is loaded specifying the desired DPI. Once the change is made, the image is downloaded to the computer.

How many megapixels should a camera have to take good photos?

Converting the resolution from megapixels to dots per inch in an image is just as important as choosing a good device for Capture photos and images.

dpi image easily convert resolution

Some users prefer to use cameras to take their photos at night or in the day, others prefer to take photos at night with an Android phone or any another smartphone. Regardless of the device you use, the camera should be very good quality.

That, if you want the photography to be of very good quality, it is advisable to buy a team that has a minimum 13 megapixel camera, the fact that an image is perfect, 100% dependent on megapixels and other factors such as lighting and scene.

If you are not a professional you can use any equipment to take a picture, especially if it is a smartphone, on the other hand, if the need for use is for the professional area, if it is recommended to buy a good professional camera.

Certainly, in any of the cases it is mandatory that the number of megapixels is as high as possible, otherwise the quality of the photos it won’t be very good.

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