How to Convert MP4 Files to MP3 in iTunes – Easy and Fast (Example)

In addition to being able to download music, iTunes can convert MP4 to MP3. In this way you will have more storage capacity, and your requirements are adjusted to various operating systems especially Apple, Mac and also Windows.

This is the opportunity to have a wide variety of music on your portable device, and have it available whenever you want. You will surely love this application because you can organize and also edit the downloads, to be used in any player and keep keeping your file MP4.

Does it happen to you that you try to use a file and your media player won’t play it? And what to do in those cases? You can rest assured that with iTunes you can download MP4 files and convert them to MP3 and not only that you can also convert an AAC format song to MP3, and the best is free.

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Basic and easy guide to convert MP4 to MP3 using iTunes

Here is a simple way to show you how you can achieve convert your MP4 files to MP3 Quickly and safely. You are guaranteed a reliable application, just follow these steps.

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  • If you use Windows, download iTunes from Apple’s official website and install the program. If you use a Mac, find the application on your computer.
  • Start the program, select the MP4 files to convert, click the button that says “records”.
  • Select the audio format.
  • Choose MP3 format as destination.
  • And finally, click “Turn into” and it will start the conversion instantly.

Basic Guide to Convert MP4 to MP3 with iTunes on Windows System

You may wonder how to do it, when the electronic devices you have are Windows. You want to enjoy using in practical ways complete and varied lists uncomplicated audio and always available.

When we are presented with an application, the first thing we see is what requirement it requires and if the operating system we have is compatible. How can Windows users benefit from iTunes?, the simple steps to convert MP4 to MP3 are as follows:

  • Find the iTunes application on the server of your choice, download and run, this may take a little time. Launch the application, select “Preferences”, choose the option “General “And click on the” Import “button.
  • On the “Import” tab, choose MP3 Hide and click “OK.” Remember to select the sound encoding format.
  • Then select the MP4 files to convert, press “Create MP3 version”.
  • And finally, you must wait a few minutes for the conversion to complete.

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Why is iTunes a good option to convert MP4 to MP3?

Next, we will explain, the benefits of the ¡Tunes application and because using it will help you to have an excellent conversion from MP4 to MP3 format.

  • As you can see, iTunes is a basic and easy-to-use converter, after downloading the program you can use it whenever you want. Just select, “to download”, “run” and follow the steps mentioned above, and in a few seconds you will have your files converted.
  • iTunes is a practical, complete program that will allow you to create and play MP3 audios, you can even transfer music from CDs and convert them. It is a good option, because many have limited storage capacity for audio files, and by converting to MP3 you can store more.
  • An interesting detail is that it can use iTunes On Mac, Apple and Windows, you can also convert audio files to compressed or uncompressed formats. Therefore, it is very important to choose the encoding format that maintains sound quality.
  • The program will will allow you to keep your MP4 audios together with MP3s in folders, this ensures that you have made a good choice to convert.

Another thing you can do is search for music converters online. You will get the same results and you will not have to download any programs.

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