How to Convert My Photographs into 8 Bit Images? – Fast and easy

One of the best things you can do on the internet is to delve into the deepest corners of nostalgia to find different alternatives through the browser. One of those things that makes us feel nostalgic are the images in 8 bits. The reason is very easy: Video games and everything that has to do with pop culture from the 80’s

If you are determined to place some of your photos in 8 bits, you can find in the Web different applications or programs, which can help you with it. In that sense, we can mention 8Bit Photo Lab, an application with great potential, which helps you create and edit your photos into true 8-bit works of art from your photos.

The way this application works is ideal for you to start with any draft that you have in mind. Keep reading and you will learn more about this great way to transform your photos into 8-bit works.

improve image quality

Learn to use the application.

The 8Bit Photo Lab application is available on Google Play. This has the possibility of allowing you to edit any type of photograph in a professional way that you have within your phone. By this, we mean that all the images that are inside your device, they will be able to go through the editor of the images and thus convert them into 8-bit images.

Not only will you be able to transform new photos, but you will also be able to choose from the images that you already have inside your device, in order to modify them to your liking. No matter what photo it is, you can always edit it and make it the way you want best.

Within 8Bit Photo Lab, you can find a large number of photo filters, which you can also find on social networks such as Instagram, for example. Within the application you can find templates similar to the NES, the GameBoy Advance and even the ZX Spectrum.

Among all its options, you will have the option of choosing which one best suits your needs and thereby modify the image, so that it achieves the look you want.

In addition to the templates, you will have the possibility to make various changes within the general parameters of the image, such as its resolution. You can also add various tickets about video games or also add some kind of sound effect depending on what you want for the photography.

Within the application, you will also find some frames which will be available for the editing you want to do, it all depends on your creativity and what you want to do with it.

game picture

What can you find within the application?

The first thing you will have on hand at all times, will be the different filter and lighting and brightness settings.

With this you can make various games with the lights and contrasts, however, take into account that the application also allows you to perform various changes as for the general parameters of the image, in order to capture your image the way you want.

With all the algorithms that the application has, you will be able to have images that will seem to come out of them GameBoy Advance, NES, Amstrad CPC 6128, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 16 & 64, VGA (256 colors) and many more applications.

When Super Mario style becomes part of your art

One of the most complementary ways with which you will feel comfortable with respect to the application, is with respect to the various elements that have been added within the platform.

For example, one of the most beloved in the entire application are the blocks of the popular game Super Mario, belonging to the company Nintendo.

Likewise, the application adds extra visual elements such as flowers or bullets as part of its trunk of stickers, in order to give more sense and visual taste to the creation of its users. However, this is not the only theme that exists within the application, but it is one of the most famous.

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