How to Convert My Smartphone into a Computer Using Dock Station Easily

More than 20 years ago an incredible revolution was found in smart phonesIt was when the president of Apple presented his first iPhone, it was a total success.

By simply moving the fingers, the user could go wherever they wanted, using a PC as an example, just as computers had a mouse that directed them, in the same way the new device had something similar.

From there, the telephones have had an exponential growth that has not had a fall, it has reached the point of even allowing its users to carry out office work under office automation programs. However, the screen and keyboard are still very uncomfortable to work with, so the idea of ​​incorporating a smartphone and a PC was raised.

Is it possible to add keyboard, screen and mouse to the mobile?

Some time ago Microsoft tried to incorporate these features into Lumia computers by adding the Continuum functions of Windows 10 Mobile. All of this was able to fully function, just like you would when trying to connect a wireless keyboard to any Apple computer.

laptop mouse dock station

Some time later HP wanted to do the same and used the Continuum system on their HP Elite x3 computers, but unfortunately the Microsoft mobiles came to an end and with them Windows 10 Mobile.

But that’s not all, several systems have tried to incorporate this function, as is Huawei. This company created the Huawei Share function, which allows you to file transfers to a computer, a monitor can even be connected via a USB-C to HDMI cable and the interface can be used in PC mode.

Not only Huawei has taken the step, there is also the Samsung brand. In recent years they have been overcome and incorporate the Dex Mode, and from there, infinities of options derive. Every year more tools are known that allow this function. One of the most used and known is the Dock Station.

What is the Dock Station?

The Dock Station is a docking station that allows a smartphone to become a desktop computer for better use of the mobile. It is such a versatile tool that you can take it wherever you want without carrying the heavy weight of a PC.

Types of Dock Station

If we talk about models referring to Docks Stations we can recommend infinities, there are different sizes with different functions, but if we talk about types of Dock Stations there are only two, one high-end and the other low-end.

High-end docks

These types of docks are not tied to the models, their best known manufacturers are ASUS and Kensington. The price of these teams usually vary between 120 to 190 euros.

dock station device

These docks offer a base that allows the user to connect all types of devices through a USB 2.0 port, thus providing better equipment performance contributing to the improvement of passive cooling.

Low-end docks

These types of docks are known as low-end because lack video connections or video ports. They have USB and audio ports and their price varies between 50 and 100 euros.

How to use a Dock Station?

In general These port devices provide an instruction manualTo use it, you just have to follow the steps, although it is very simple because it is like connecting a PC, taking into account the power cable and the use of Windows. But to help you you must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure to locate the power cord, after that connect the port but not the power.
  2. Locate all available ports to install mouse and keyboard use.
  3. Locate the cable to connect the monitor, you can use your mobile if you still want.
  4. Make sure everything is well connected and then connect it to the power.
  5. Finally turn on the computer and let it start correctly.

Surely you already want to run through your Dock Station and start using your mobile as a computerYou didn’t think it was so simple, right? Well, now you can do it anytime you want like a Dock Station expert.

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