How to Convert my Voice Notes into Text Messages on WhatsApp?

In this globalized world, the applications that we have change or adapt to our wishes. Perhaps this is the case with voice memos that you can now read. If you hear it and in the following article we will explain how you can convert my voice notes into text messages on WhatsApp.

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It is that if you are already bored or it is not comfortable for you to listen to the voice notes that your contacts send you from the WhatsApp App. This is because they can hear the message or because there is a lot of outside noise where you are. We tell you that you should not worry anymore, since now these voice notes can be convert into text messages very easily.

Another innovation that WhatsApp has added to its functions, for something it has become the most used instant messaging platform in the world. But its versatility goes further and in this application you can perfectly, regardless of the device you use or the operating system, record a voice call very easily and quickly.

How to convert my voice notes into text messages on WhatsApp

Before continuing with the article, we must make a clarification and it is in terms of the fact that we are not going to transcribe into text what we are going to say. And this is something that, as you should already know, can be achieved with the GBoard application. Not any of that, it is to use an application that converts the voice notes that our contacts send us to text. WhatsApp.

Yes, so we can convert my voice notes into text messages on WhatsAppWe are going to use one App. In our case we will use two that were created for this particular platform. Where we will use one on iOS devices and the other on computers that work with Android.

To begin we are going to use the application for Android devices which we are going to download from the Play Store virtual store. This App is still in its beta phase and is named Transcriber for WhatsApp. It stands out among other applications because you will not see it occupy the entire screen, it will only show you a small window.

After you have installed the App on your mobile device, you go directly to WhatsApp and enter it. Now go into your contacts and select the conversation you want to transcribe. Choose the voice note and press it so that it is selected, once this is done a menu will immediately appear at the top.

In this menu you must choose the option to share, now the menu of this option will open and in it you will see that it shows you the App that you have installed on the device. Find and select the button called Transcribe. What this action will do is send the voice note you chose to the application to convert it to text.

Now the application will start working, it will analyze the audio for a few moments and then it will show you the text in a window. As time it is very easy to use and the time of analysis of the audio depends on the time of the same.

How to convert my voice notes into text messages on WhatsApp for iOS

Now it is the turn of the devices that use the iOS operating system and to be able to convert my voice notes into text messages on WhatsApp. We will use the following App called Audio to Text for WhatsApp. You will find it easily in the App Store, install it on your device and then you must select the language.

The next thing you will do is open WhatsApp, and go to the conversation where the voice memo you want to convert to text is located. Click on the message until a menu appears and in this menu choose the Share option by clicking on it. This action will send you the sharing window where you must search and choose the App that you just installed.

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Done, just wait for it to analyze the audio and show text, you realize how easy it is and this way we finished and you were able to learn how to use this wonderful function.

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