How to Convert or Convert WordPad File to PDF Free Online (Example)

Your computer has interesting tools that allow you to keep files of all kinds of formats saved. Each format has functions that are really worth exploring, since, as basic as they may seem, they can save unknown options that would be very important. On this occasion, you will learn how to convert your Wordpad files to PDF format.

Among those programs that it is important to detail and explore in order to know absolutely all their functions, there are word processors, those that have an interface and tools to carry out any type of project written through letters or numbers to structure almost any type of document.

The risk of downloading programs

All the tools are at your disposal, and it is only a matter of starting to explore them through your computer. Through the web, you will also find programs that will allow you to convert file formats.

The problem with this, is that downloading a software from the wrong website may represent a risk to your computer, since it possibly contains malware that alters the operation and performance of your computer, so you should use the utmost caution.

File conversion

Now, whatever the reason, it is also important to know the ways in which you can change the format of the files to share them in a much more secure or practical way, preventing third parties from altering the content of the written document.

file conversion

Let’s talk about WordPad a bit

Word processors are one of the most used programs in computers, especially in the workplace and education, allowing, through their potential functionalities structure various types of documents, from reports, curriculum summaries, and any other type of document.

However, not all processors have hundreds of hidden functions for you, and although very basic, they are still incredible. Such is the case of WordPad, a word processor included in the Windows 95 operating system and that is still present in today’s computers.

An approach to its functions

If you need save time and space on your computer to create a text document, WordPad is for you. Write all the data and other information that you need to transfer to anyone else.

Simple and practical tasks

Despite its qualification as a basic word processor, this software has evolved to implement functions that help it to be a little more complete. What can you do with its functions?

  • Format both the characters and the paragraphs you write.
  • Select from a wide variety of fonts, as well as assign size, indentation, and line spacing.
  • Insert images and objects with other formats.
  • Paint by means of Paint and put it in your file.
  • Find words that you consider important within the text.

How to convert it to PDF?

If you think converting the file from RTF format that you have created through WordPad to a document in PDF format is difficult, you are making a serious mistake. On the web there is a wide variety of platforms that allow these conversions to be carried out for free, quickly, easily, and most important of all: for free.

The Online-convert alternative

Among the many web pages that will allow you to convert From Wordpad file to PDF, you will find Online-convert, an extremely simple platform to use.

How to convert it to PDF

  • Click on “Select Files.”
  • Locate and choose the RTF file to convert.
  • Click on “Start conversion”
  • Wait a few seconds, and …
  • Clever! You can now download your file in PDF.

Convert your file with PDF Convert

If there is a page that stands out for its simplicity, it is definitely PDF Convert. What do you need to convert your RTF file? Just go to the page, select your file and download it without problems.

Have you tried PDF2GO yet?

Another free online way to convert your RTF file to PDF is PDF2GO, a platform, like the previous ones, extremely easy to use, following the same indications as in the previous cases.

There are no excuses to change the format of your file!

Converting your Wordpad files to Pdf has never been easier. Whatever you need, you can convert it through these incredible, practical and simple web platforms. What are you waiting for?

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