How to Convert or Import a Notepad File to Excel Easily (Example)

The vast number of file formats and truly amazing. Each software is specialized to cover an extensive and varied number of formats that have characteristics that, although similar, end up having an element that makes a difference. An example of this is converting or importing a notebook file into Excel.

Hence the importance of knowing all the incredible functions and characteristics of each and every one of these formats, whether it is documents, spreadsheets, audio or video, you would surely be surprised to see how many types of formats there are and what is the use that is given to each of them.

Do you know how to convert the format of your files?

Like knowing the file formats that a program makes available to you to save different types of documents, it is also important know how you can perform format conversions.

It is very common to observe that, from the interface and tools of word processors or spreadsheets, among others, a file can be saved whose format, initially, is DOC (Word) or XLS (Excel), it can be stored on your computer as another type of document.

An unusual format change

In this sense, these types of documents are most often converted to PDF, especially when they are shared with other users through any file transfer and exchange channel.

unusual format change

What should not be so frequent is that someone requires convert a text file, more specifically, from your computer’s notepad to an Excel file… is it possible to carry out this conversion? In this article you will find answers.

A look at the notepad

This tool, which is present in all computers with Microsoft Windows operating system, was launched in 1985. Despite being a fairly simple text editor, it has been practical over the years, which is why the developers of the operating system most used in the world have decided keep it so long.

Over time, the notepad has become one of the most used tools for all those people who want to begin to master the HTML language for the design and structuring of web pages or HTML files.

From TXT to XLS

Knowing all the above, although it may be atypical, it is still possible that an opportunity arises in which you have to convert a file made through the notepad, whose format is .TXT, to a spreadsheet Microsoft Excel.

Beyond the existence of a large number of programs and web platforms that offer file conversion services of this type. There is a way to carry out this type of action using the tools of the programs involved, especially Excel.

So, then, you will not have to resort to no software or website to make the conversions. You just have to pay special attention to the instructions that will be shown in this article to do it successfully.

What should you do?

Once you have finished with the content of your TXT file, proceed to save it to later begin with the conversion or import to Microsoft Excel. Prepared?

convert the format of your files

  1. Run Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  2. Go to the “File” tab.
  3. Enter the “Open” section.
  4. Click on “Examine”To locate the text file.
  5. Despite being at the location, the file will probably not be displayed. This is because, in the lower right part of the screen, the option “All Excel files” is selected, change this to “All the files”.
  6. Select your TXT file.
  7. Check the boxes that correspond to the characteristics of the content of your text file in the three steps that are needed.

Ready! Your text file has been imported into Excel

After completing the file import wizard, all that remains is save the file as an Excel document on your computer, and voila! As you will see, it is an extremely simple and practical procedure. Now that you know how to convert or import a notepad file to Excel. Are you going to try it?

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