How to Convert OST File to Outlook Offline PST Manually (Example)

Microsoft Office has its beginnings in 1989, these beginnings were intended to sell a group of applications and Microsoft Outlook is part of this package, both for companies and on a professional and personal level.

The word Outlook in English means “Panorama”, therefore Microsoft Outlook stores a large amount of information, which you can observe from another point of view; we are talking about a software, which works to manage emails.

This means that it manages many personal and corporate emails from one place and it also works as a personal agenda; now the files named OST and PST are used using this software and store these messages, as well as tasks, notes or contacts, to be used at a specific time.


What is the concept of PST and OST file?

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PST file folders store your emails, calendars, tasks, daily notes original, and have the feature that you can export their data to be used later on another computer.

OST files they are a local copy on your device (for example desktop), of the data that is saved in the mail server in which you are connecting; They are very useful files when your Internet connection drops, since you can continue reading your emails offline.

Differences between OST files and PST files

  • We already know that OST files store the emails and other data already named, but above all, they are used with the Exchange server when there is no internet connection. So, they keep a local copy of the mailbox on your particular device or computer, therefore, they are optional and faster access files; important advantage for workers who work remotely.
  • The acronym of PST stands for “Personal Storage Table”, that is, it is a database; these PST files possess the real content of all emails in the Outlook mailbox.

How to convert OST file to Outlook Office PST manually?

Next let’s explain step by step The way to convert OST file to PST manually, we must remember that OST files include Microsoft Exchange data storage; including contacts, emails, calendar, among others.

The first step is to start the mail session in Outlook so that it shows what the OST file contains, then we click on “File” and later on “Import and Export”.

Now, we click on “Export a file”, and then on “Next”, then click on “Personal Folders File.PST”, to continue on “Next”; we continue with a new click on “Personal folders” which is in the upper area of ​​the aforementioned list.

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Then we click on “Include subfolders”; From this moment on, everything that we select within the OST file of the account you entered will be exported; such as email messages and contacts, to finish the process we click on the “Next” button.

Now we click on “Browse”To do this, go to one of the folders on your hard drive to select the PST file, write the name that the file will have and then click on “Enter”; then, you choose the type of management that will be given to these duplicates and you finish with a click on “Finish”.

The path to find your PST file varies by version of Outlook and Windows that you have installed on your desktop computer:

  • Outlook prior to 2010 and Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista: DriveLetter: Users UserName AppData Local Microsoft Outlook file.pst
  • Windows XP: DriveLetter: Documents and Settings UserName Local Settings Application Data Microsoft Outlook file.pst
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10: DriveLetter: Users Username Documents Outlook Files file.pst
  • Outlook after 2010 and Windows XP: DriveLetter: Documents and Settings Username Local Settings Application Data Microsoft Outlook file.pst

We can observe that if we keep the habit of converting OST files to PST; we will always have a backup of all our emails and contacts without having to depend on an Internet connection; very useful thing in office work and in our daily activities.

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