How to Convert PDF Files into Images on My Android Phone?

Mobile devices are very practical tools, with them we can perform many tasks in a very practical way. Since its inception, mobile devices have completely revolutionized the way we communicate and lately they are revolutionizing the ways of run programs.

Smartphone makers develop increasingly powerful devices and capable of very advanced tasks. In this way, knowing how to take advantage of the characteristics of our Smartphones is essential.

Among the operating systems most used by device manufacturers is Android. This is characterized by being a very complete system, concerned with providing the best experience to its users.

Android is the base software with which most Smartphones work, among its most important features we find the virtual store Play Store. Where we can enter and download all kinds of specialized applications for each task we want to perform.

How to convert PDF files into images on my Android phone?

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Converting files from one format to another is very important, especially if we need to send a document in a specific format. If we find ourselves in one of these cases, it is necessary to know how we can convert the files.

When we need to do this we always go to the computers and download programs that perform these tasks. This is because they are more powerful and capable of run advanced programs.

But as we mentioned before, mobile devices are being manufactured better and with more advanced features. This makes it possible to perform tasks that were previously unthinkable.

The Android operating system is not far behind, it is designing applications capable of performing increasingly advanced tasks. Like, for example, converting files from one format to another.

All these applications can be downloaded from the official Android store the Play Store. This store offers us a wide catalog with different categories, we can choose the one we want or locate it from the search bar.

If we want convert a PDF file to an image file, Android offers us applications specialized in doing these tasks. One of the best applications with which we can do this is X2IMG.

We can download this application for free from the Play Store, we can also download a paid version. In this article we will learn the steps we must follow to convert PDF files into images on my Android cell phone.

Steps to convert PDF files into images on Android with X2IMG

Convert PDF files to images on Android with X2IMG

The first step we must take is to open the Play Store, once we are inside we do not go to the application search bar and write X2IMG. We select the first option that appears.

In this way, we can observe all the information of the application, as well as the most important characteristics of the application. Now we click on Download, we grant the permissions and automatically started the download process and later it will be installed.

By doing the above, the application is correctly downloaded, to convert our PDF file into an image format we must open the application. When we enter we will see that the X2IMG interface is very complete.

Before converting the file we must select the option three lines located at the top left of the screen. Now we select the option SettingIn the first option we can choose the image format that we want our image file to have, it can be JPG or PNG.

We can also choose the quality we want our image to have and other options. If we want to convert a PDF file into an image format, the first thing we have to do is locate us on the main page of X2IMG and choose the option with the positive sign (+).

We will go to the list of files on our device, here we must find the PDF file we want to convert and select it. The program does not give the option to view it before converting it, finally, we select the option “Convert to image” and it will automatically convert our file to image.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to convert PDF files into images from your Android device? Do you know of another method to convert PDF files to images? Leave us your answers in the comments

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