How to Convert PDF to Online Editable DWG File

In today’s article we will explain how to convert a PDF to a DWG file editable online. Let’s start by knowing a little about the characteristics of both files. Then we will show you the websites that you can visit to convert them.

What are PDF and DWG files and what are they for?

A PDF is a format composed of vector images, bitmap and texts. The meaning of its acronym in English is ¨Portable Document Format¨ which when translated means ¨Portable Document Format¨.

It is widely used in companies, institutions and by the general public because its visualization in digital format is maintained when printed. Among its main characteristics we have:

  • It is multi platform. This means that the original document maintains its appearance and structure, regardless of the desktop or mobile operating system on which it is used.
  • It can be encrypted for added security.
  • It is free and we can also send PDF documents to our contacts via email, WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • It is used as a legal document when required, since it is possible to sign it digitally and configure it as non-editable.
  • The document can contain a combination of text, videos, sounds, links, etc.
  • Different types of PDF files can be created: Image-only files, Tagless documents, Tagged, and electronic forms.

Image-only files are, simply put, photographs. Are useful when the document is required to be faithful to an original version like an invoice, for example.

In the case of untagged documents, they are those that do not need codes for future internet searches. On the contrary, tagged documents are those that can be easily located on the web.

pdf program logo

Electronic forms are PDF documents editable, in which data entered directly from the keyboard or copied from other files can be recorded. These can be password protected and can also be published on the internet.

Now let’s talk about dwg files, these represent the database files data from AutoCAD drawings. They are generally used by architects, designers and engineers due to their ability to store 2D and 3D images created in the aforementioned program or some other similar one.

A fairly common problem is that DWG files cannot always be opened due to compatibility issues between the file and the program, but there are various tools that will help you with your goal. The programs with which you can open DWG files are:

  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Viewer
  • DWG trueView
  • Adobe illustrator
  • DrafstSight
  • Design Review
  • Ashampoo Photo Comander

All these programs are free and will give you the visualization you require of your DWG files. Then we will show you how can you convert the first file we talked about, PDF, to an online editable DWG file.

How to convert a PDF file to an editable DWG file online

On the web you will find various sites or pages to convert files PDF to editable DWG files. We will present you some proposals with the step by step that will facilitate the process.

convert pdf

  • ABViewer Enterprise PDF to DWG Converter for PC. To use this website and convert the PDF files online, simply enter the portal and use the free online service. You will notice a box with the following message: ¨Drag the PDF file (up to 3MB) ¨. That is one way to upload your document, but you will also see the “Add file” button if you want to upload it in this other way.
  • No need to register, you can convert a PDF file to an editable DWG file, or in any of the more than 250 available formats. It is a secured resource with an advanced level of SSL encryption that is committed to delete PDF file instantly and converted to DWG after 24 hours.
  • With this website it will be possible to convert your document with just three steps. The first one dube the file: Press ¨Choose file¨ to load it from your computer. The second step is to move from PDF to DWG the document: Click on turn into . The third step is to download it. On this site you can also convert other files to DWG, such as DWF, DXF, JPG and SVG.

Finally, we recommend that you read this other related article where we will show you how to convert an EDRW file to DWG for free in a few minutes.

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