How to Convert Photos to Cartoon – Make it Easy, Fast and Free

Playfulness and art are two different perceptions that human beings use to express themselves, but both can come together, when we want to turn a photo into a cartoon, that is, into a caricature. Whether you want to do, from an Android mobile or iPhone, or by default you resort to an application like PicsArt, the desire to make the everyday something peculiar and enjoyable knows no borders.

And when it is said that borders are not known, it is because we can assume that only editing platforms such as Photoshop make it possible to convert a photo or face into a caricature. But this is not the case, this possibility even reaches social platforms where we can turn photos into a caricature on Facebook.

Converting a photo into a cartoon is not something that is limited to one sector or another, or that is exclusive to some platform, there are dozens of options, where art flows, whether digital or material. Let’s take a tour of the possibilities and processes to convert a photo into a cartoon. This way you will be able to know your alternatives when you need to make an edition of this type.

cartoonist with his works

Ways to turn an image into a cartoon in a few steps

Today, it is not difficult to obtain images or photos with a professional style, sharpness and good appearance by our own means, most have at their disposal smartphones with good cameras, editing applications and illustration that facilitate the creation of this content, but there are certain tricks when it comes to editing that many fail to do due to lack of knowledge or talent. Such is the case of vectorization of photographs.

The vectorization of a photograph, or in other words turn a photograph into a drawing animated, it is something that most associate with the management of professional illustration programs and a complicated process in which you must know about drawing and color palettes, but the reality is that with the right applications it is something that you can achieve in a matter of seconds . In this article we will talk about some programs where you can get results easily and quickly.

Mobile apps

In the application store of your mobile device you can find a wide variety of options to caricature your photographs, you just have to consult this feature in the search bar, most are usually free and achieve these artistic effects through filters applied to the imageOnly some applications with exclusive effects and better finishes bring quite accessible microtransactions, one of the best apps of this style is Artisan.


Although today most choose to edit photos through applications on their devices, web pages for editing are an excellent alternative, there are pages specialized in caricaturing your photography in a matter of seconds, with good finishes and totally free, such is the case of Cartoon.Pho.To.

Computer programs

There are also several programs that you can install on your computer for free, from vectoring your favorite photograph, to turning it into a classic and fun cartoon, with a wide catalog of filters. Among the most prominent options in this branch is Akvis Sketch‘which in addition to this provides you with other tools for Photoshop-style editing.

In general, when it comes to making your photograph more striking, turning it into a caricature or editing some details, we can find several free and effective options that adapt to what we are looking for.

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What are the best programs to make a cartoon with a photo?

It is true that the process of molding and shaping a cartoon photo is an art, and there are even professionals who dedicate their lives to this issue. In the previous lines we saw how it can be done, however, to achieve professional results, years of study are warranted.

And studying is not just a requirement, there must be talent involved, everyone can do it, but not everyone can do it professionally. In addition, it implies and demands time to carry it out, which not everyone is willing to give up. Therefore, you can use any of these applications, to convert a photo into a cartoon.

  • MomentCam-Cartoons & Art
  • Prisma Photo Editor
  • PaintLab – Photo Cartoom, Art Filters
  • Photo Lab
  • Sketch Me!
  • Cartoon Photo PRO
  • Clip2Comic
  • Toon Me Dollify Animation
  • Camart
  • Pencil Photo Sketch
  • Painnt
  • Befunky
  • Cartoon Yourself
  • Art Filters & Effects

The process of editing and transforming into cartoons or cartoons will run under the dependence of each application and its interface, but it is very easy to use all of them, in addition to the results are so varied and attractive, that opting for just one, is a titanic task.


Photoshop is the photo editing tool par excellence, it offers us a large section of tools to achieve the desired effect in our image, it is also very useful if what we want is to caricature a photo. With the use of the pen and the filling, we can trace our photo, paint it and give it a comic-style finish, with the help of tutorials it is something that we can achieve in a matter of minutes.

create a cartoon


It consists of software that you can get totally free and it is also available for any operating system whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, this program has more than twenty effects that you can apply to your photos with a different artistic or cartoonish style. You can also save your illustration in multiple formats.

Photo Lab

This is a quite popular editing application, we can say that it is one of the best among those that you can get for free. In it you can also turn your photograph into a cartoonas it offers multiple filters for it with different styles. It also offers you more than 800 effects that you can use on your photos, text fonts and stickers.

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

This is an application exclusively to caricature your photographs or turn them into quite artistic and aesthetic drawings, it is available for your iPhone device in the application store, it has some applicable filters for free like others in which you have to make small payments

Deep Art Effect

One of the best artistic applications that you can find for Android in the Google application store. It is considered one of the best artistic editing applications, offering quality filters that make it seem works of art your photos in landscapes or selfies.

Moment Cam

This application was very famous at the time, it offers different cartoonish situations where we simply have to place our face on the body of the characters, with a lots of cartoons to choose fromIt has a funny Japanese animation and when finished editing it looks like an authentic handmade cartoon.

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Cartoon Photo Maker

Another photo editing application, with multiple filters to turn your photo into a cartoon, giving a creative touch to your selfie or panoramic photo. This app is very easy to use, you just have to select a photo or take one from the same application and you will have a great variety of applicable filters.

Make a caricature from a photo

This may sound strange, complicated or even an odyssey to materialize, so we resort to the help of technology, which we will talk about later. But let’s treat a more personal issue, which will give the individual stamp, and therefore unique to the work. Let’s see how to make a caricature from a photo.

We will do this with two basic elements, one surface where to capture the process, preferably bond paper, with its respective drawing element, be it pencil, charcoal or whatever you prefer, and the second and most important, creativity.

The first will be a detailed analysis of the physiognomy of the person to be caricatured, this element is crucial, since from this exegesis of the phenotype, the elements to be highlighted, diminished or make more eye-catching for the cartoonist.

Cartoons can never be an element of degrading contempt, they must be seen as an expression of art that is transmuted with the jocularity of people. In cartoons the creativity and styling of the artist is appreciated. Because in truth, caricaturing is an art.

Taking the features to be highlighted, we proceed with the sketch, the same part of the imitation of the original face of the person, but adapting it to the restructuring of the mind of the cartoonist. Which being infinite are at the mercy of their own criteria. Remember that it should not be something perfect, the art is built to the extent of practice.

The features to be highlighted must be added, this is achieved exaggerating its size in proportion, but it is also possible, an antithesis, where the best way to stand out is by diminishing what is most relevant.

The list is endless, but in short, the process focuses on rehearsal and practice, where they must flourish processes and techniques own of each person, to achieve a caricature. This is seen as an individual art process, but there is the digital measure of doing it.

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