How to Convert Photoshop Brushes to Use in Other Software? (Example)


Undoubtedly, Adobe hit the mark with Photoshop, awarded in every way as the most complete known graphic designer on the planet. Within what Photoshop is and what it is for, endless tools are available such as converting Photoshop brushes to use in other software, importing them as soon as possible.

Adobe offers by default certain types of brushes that allow you to carry out almost any specific activity related to the graphic design or photo editing. They favor the activity or the development of projects within the program’s interface, adding effects or filters that give a personalized touch to the design.

How are Photoshop brushes defined in general?

This particular Photoshop tool does not differ too much from the classic brushes that are normally used, the difference is that they are digital. The brushes were conceived for a unique and specialized work at the height of the greatest designers. So it is important to know how to use the brushes of this tool.

Turn into Photoshop brushes to use in other software is just another of the alternatives that this particular tool places, but it does not represent its full potential.

Just like a canvas in a real setting, a brush applies different textures to each other to add dynamism to the work.

In turn, by means of the brushes, Photoshop already has added several default functions for them, so that the experience with them is rewarding for the user.

black brush strokes

For make concrete and complete use of the brush, Go to the toolbar, click on the icon corresponding to “Brush” to access it.

You can choose to change the default settings, playing between the thickness, blur and textures options or just keep it in the state it is. You have all the power in the world to carry out a decision that favors in every way the work that you are nowhere to do.

It should be noted that, unless you are a prodigy of freehand drawing, do not expect a strictly attractive result. Brush drawings require patience. Therefore you need effort and time to learn how to use them. Even if you want to install the best brushes in Photoshop, you should also study them and know how to use them.

Procedure to follow to convert Photoshop brushes for use in other software

In addition to the familiar brushes within the Photoshop application, the user has the ability to install some that are customized. This Adobe tool can be distributed or purchased by bundling with the .ABR extension. This way it can be used in other software.

The particularity of .ABR files is that they can be successfully transformed into another format such as .PNG so that they can be exported to other editing platforms. In other words, the brushes are not limited solely to their use within Photoshop. But by transforming them into another format, they can be accepted by another editor of your liking.

laptop with layout table

Today the developers and those responsible for launching these tools known as pixels on the technological market incorporate both the ABR extension as the one corresponding to PNG files, so that the consumer does not have to burden with the process of going from one format to another.

There are a number of PS PRO applications, where using brushes is an easy task. You only need to open a .PNG file to start the procedure. Knowing that it is not required to convert Photoshop brushes to use in other software beforehand. Since this alternative already comes from the factory, you can continue with the process.

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Press the “File” option at the top of the application, then check “Export”. As a final step, click safely “Custom brush”. In this way you will have a free track to have the new brush and start with your masterpiece in a different software. Don’t forget that you can download Photoshop for free on its official website.

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