How to Convert Photoshop PSD Files to JPG Image Online Free (Example)

The efficiency of Photoshop makes us able to modify, for example, the appearance of a JPG image or other formats, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG; You can even edit video files such as AVI, MOV, MPEG or MP4, although the final result to export will always be an image. See how to convert a PSD file to a JPG image, easily and quickly.


What is a Photoshop PSD file?

When we work in Photoshop, projects are saved in a file format with the extension PSD, whose initials come from PhotoShop Document. It is the native format for all your documents; This file class supports a maximum of 2 Gigabytes in size; For larger capacity cases it is necessary to use the PSB, TIFF, RAW or DICOM formats.

PSD files allow Photoshop users modify the original images. This is done with the use of layers that are superimposed on each other, which you can copy or paste for your graphic edition; some of them are transparent, with colors, patterns or images (complete or cut out); With the correct placement and order of the layers, all kinds of visual effects can be achieved.

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What is a JPG image and why is it useful?

JPG images are a graphic format widely used throughout the world because they have 2 important characteristics; first of all it is a photographic quality format so these images do not have any limitation in the amount of colors and second has excellent compressibility which makes them lighter than other graphic formats.

JPG format images are a creation of The Joint Photographers Experts Group, their idea was to compress digitized photos from digital cameras or scanners that save files in JPEG or JPG format; his compression turned out so good that eventually has been one of the most popular formats of the world. While there are other means to compress files without losing quality.

How can I convert PSD files to JPG image online and free?

It may seem absurd to convert a PSD file to a JPG online, since exporting your Photoshop project to any image is very easy; You just have to select the PSD in the menu “File> Open”, then we export the project in JPG in the menu “File> Save As”In “Format” select “JPEG (* .JPG, *. JPEG, *. JPE)” and click “Save”.

However, many unexpected things can happen on the job, perhaps someone does not know Photoshop, but needs to have the PSD design converted to JPG; We have the solution for that online and for free, because there are several applications that offer this conversion service of formats.

We will mention below a list of websites, where we can convert PSD files to JPG easily and without having to have designer knowledge; All of them are used in a very similar way, since you only have to upload the Photoshop PSD project by means of a button and then download the resulting JPG by pressing another button.


We will explain the procedure to convert a PSD file to JPG from the first page of the list, in order to have a better idea of ​​how it works:

download images

  • Visit the website from your browser, press the button “Select images”, you can also drag the file or select it from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • After loading the document you will see the preview of it on the left side; and on the right side the “Convert to JPG” button that you should press.
  • A percentage counter will appear; indicating the conversion process, then you will see a button that says “Download converted images” to download the JPG image. Also next to it in some small round buttons you can save it in Google Drive, Dropbox, share it in a link or delete it to make a different conversion.

In summary, the JPG format is one of the most used both for its ability to be converted to other files, such as PDF or other extensions, and for its compression, it uses a method that reduces its storage size to a scale of 10: 1 to change to slightly sacrifice its quality; that means that every 10 bytes of information is reduced to 1 byte.

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