How to Convert SHS File to XLS Online for Free Easily (Example)

Previously, Windows created SHS files with reusable parts in both Word and Excel. Microsoft omitted this type of extension from “Windows Vista” and now it is not possible to do direct conversions. For this reason, in this article we explain How to Convert SHS File to XLS Online Easily Free

What is an SHS file?

SHS stands for “Shell Scrap” and refers to a object file that is created when we copy a text from Microsoft Word or Excel, we drag it and place it on the desktop. Users often do this task when they want to save text to another document.

Have you ever wondered how to open a file with the SHS extension in Windows? you should know that it is not possible to use or view the content of an SHS file by itself. Therefore, it is necessary to drag this file back to a program that allows this format to be unblocked. It is important to note that SHS files are no longer supported in versions after Windows XP.

What is an XLS file?

XLS stands for “Excel Spreadsheet” and refers to a type of file that is implemented in different versions of Microsoft Excel. This extension allows you to identify spreadsheets that contain cells, rows, columns, charts, built-in functions, and statistical data.

XLS files were used up to the 2007 version of Microsoft Excel and replaced by a file format with an .XLSX extension. This process led Microsoft down the path of “backward compatibility” by adding add-ins to use the old XLS format in newer versions of Excel. It should be noted that it is also possible to make an Excel document created on Mac compatible with Windows by expanding the utility of the tool on multiple platforms.

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How to Convert SHS File to XLS Online Easily Free

For users of Windows XP and earlier versions, it is possible to convert an SHS file just dragging it to a new spreadsheet Microsoft Excel. However, after discontinuation of support for the .shs extension, direct conversion is not possible in Windows 10.

For this reason, we explain the steps you must follow to be able to convert an SHS file to XLS from the internet and for free.

Access the online converter “Convert”

“” is a website that allows the convert media files quickly, online and totally free. To achieve this, you must go to the online-convert website and click on the upper right area that specifies different conversions. Select “SHS to XLS.”

Convert SHS file to XLS online easily

You will immediately see a new window containing the free online converter. There, you must load the SHS document by choosing its location or dragging it, entering the URL that contains said file online or selecting the document via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Press the “Select files” button and choose the option of your preference according to the location of the SHS file. You can adjust options when extracting the text from an image by using the option “Use ROC”, assigning the language, optimizing the text and the design. Finally, click on “Start Conversion.”

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Use Microsoft Excel to convert SHS file to XLS

If the procedure has not been effective due to the lack of current support for SHS files, you can use Microsoft Excel for the purpose of saving a new document with the extension .xls and thus generate the conversion.

Save the new document in Excel

Access Microsoft Excel from the Windows search engine or from “All applications” in the start menu. You will see a new spreadsheet with the Excel interface and its tools. If you do not have this program, you can access the official Microsoft website to download the Office suite.

Drag the SHS file and drop it onto the new spreadsheet. Also, you can press the secondary button of the mouse on the file and choose the option “Copy”. Then, in the spreadsheet, click on “Paste.” In the start button, select “Save As”, type a new name for the file and press the “Save” button.

One additional tip

Before you manipulate an SHS file in Windows 10, we recommend verify the origins of it by analyzing it from a program antivirus. It is important that you are aware of SHS files as being executable they could harbor a virus or malicious code. If you can’t open the XLS file on your Mac because the extension is invalid, try changing the extension and opening the file safely.

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