How to Convert TXT Files to Word DOC Online and Free

When we try transfer TXT files to Word DOCAs well as any type of file format, we may be a bit complicated. There are those who resort to downloading and installing a program for that purpose, which is unnecessary, since it can be done online and for free.

If you want to convert or pass TXT files to Word DOC documents, and you have tried various ways without being able to do so, don’t worry. Here we bring you a tutorial where you will learn to transfer TXT files to Word DOC, and vice versa, easily without downloading anything for it.

What are TXT documents?

They are files that contain only plain standard texts, it is useful for saving information without specific formats, only basic fonts and styles. It is used to make simple notes, instructions or something you need to jot down quickly.

convert txt files to doc documents

How to open a file with a TXT extension step by step

When we have a .txt file and when double-clicking the system does not open it with a default program that allows opening these types of documents, don’t worry, there are a variety of text programs that you can download to open these files, then we will tell you step by step how to do it:

  1. Download a program or software that allows files with the .txt extension for Windows such as Text Editor, AbiWord, Wireshark, Wordpad, Microsoft Word, etc., for MAC OS we have programs such as TextEdit, Text editor or BBEdit.
  2. After having performed the installation you must associate the program with the extension from the .txt file, you can do it by right-clicking on the TXT file and selecting Open with, then you will click on choose another application and on More applications and look for the program that you have recently installed.

You must select Always use the program selected to open .txt files so that all .txt files can be opened only by double-clicking the document.

How to transform a TXT to DOC easily

Basically you just have to apply the same procedure, and in the step of choosing the option ‘to DOC’, you will have to choose TXT, and the rest everything remains the same, continuing with click on ‘Convert’ and finally, save the file on the computer.

The process is really simple, we only complicate it when we think it is not and we need certain types of programs, plus a download and installation of these, to finally apply the conversion; but you don’t really need any of that, and it can be done from the browser itself.

It is not to pass a text file to an image file, nor to convert a DOC Word document into HTML, which is even more cumbersome. If not, these are simple steps that anyone with internet access can use.

To apply the conversion with ‘Convertio’, because it is an online converterYou should know that it is possible to do it by using Microsoft Office online, and this for greater convenience and speed.

However, the latter it is not mandatory at all. Well, you could do it from the Word installed on your pc, or download it through your Android smartphone for use, as you see fit.

convert txt files to doc online free

Save a Word document in TXT format

Word documents are the most common and most used when we want to carry out a work or a report and it allows us to save it in different formats, among them we have.doc, .html, .htm .txt. To save a Word document in TXT format, you just have to carry out the following steps:

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  1. Open Microsoft Word on your PC.
  2. In the upper right corner you will find the button File.
  3. Then you will click on Open and select examine, there we search and select by double clicking on the document you want to convert into TXT.
  4. Again you will go to File and click on save as.
  5. If the file does not have a name yet, put it in and you will go to the drop-down menu save as type and there we will select the file format TXT.

Finally we press save and you will have your Word document as an extension .txt.

How to convert or convert TXT files to Word DOC documents online and for free?

The process of converting one format to another supported It is not complicated, in fact there are currently many platforms dedicated to this, where any user can convert a file with a certain format, in order to pass it to another that is compatible and necessary.

This is how many websites and various programs they manage to help users, and in various situations in our lives we will need one format and another, depending on what we need to do.

Before i tell you how to convert TXT files to DOC from Word Through an online method, which is also free, we can suggest that you first start with the CMD command reader to create these types of files.

convert or pass txt files

This is done in order to have the TXT file and later convert it to DOC. Now, you just have to keep in mind that this process start by choosing any page take care of this.

For simplicity, we suggest you choose ‘Convertio’, and once inside its interface, you just have to click ‘Upload file …’, choose the option from ‘to DOC’, and click on convert. Finally, it only remains to start the download of the converted file and place it on the computer.

What other converters for document formats exist and can be used online?

The fact of having chosen ‘Convertio’ As the most comfortable and easily manipulated option, it does not mean that it is the only one that exists to convert these types of files.

In fact, it is surprising the large number of online converters that we can use for this purpose, some free and others paid.

If you want to try a free online converter, other than the one we already explained its process, you can simply search in your browser, through Google.

In this way then you will find several options, and all of them will surely serve you to convert or pass TXT files to Word DOC.

You will have like this ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and among many other options to choose from, where you can test which is the most comfortable for you.

The important thing is that you can do it for free and online, so that you do not have to opt for a software-type converter that is installed on the PC, nor do you have to pay for a simple type of conversion.

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