How to Convert Videos from MKV Format to MP4 – Which One is Better?

Convert an MKV file to MP4 It is a very common process nowadays, since the MKV format was standardized for most social networks, this format has become something famous. Converting an MKV file or video to the MP4 format without losing quality is what you should learn.

If your devices are not capable of play the MKV format of your videos, or you just don’t like this format for various reasons, here we will teach you how to convert an MKV file to MP4. It is an easy process that you will know how to use, and all this without losing quality, read on.

How to change the format of a MKV video to MP4?

To convert an MKV file to MP4 you only have to consider two important things; the first is to find a software or page that does it quicklyThe second is that you don’t lose quality in the middle of the conversion process.

That is why, if you are going to do it from your PC, we recommend that you download the best option of all: rebox.NET. If your PC is Windows, before that check the players to play this MKV format and choose the one that suits you best.

If you are determined to convert it, well let’s do it. Once you download the application on your computer, the next thing you will do is run it as administrator and open the app.

You will click on the ‘+’ sign and a window will be broken down that will allow you to choose the video within your documents. Select the MKV video you want to convert to MP4 and then you will click on the ‘Play’ sign.

The video will start converting immediately, and depending on the duration of the video, the conversion will take a few seconds or minutes. But everything will be done with the main objective: without losing quality.

convert pass a mkv video file

After downloading, you will have the option to save the conversion made in the place you prefer on your computer, and so on you can play your video in MP4 format.

VLC Media Player

A large part of the multimedia files are reproduced by this program, even having it in some cases as default players because it is open source, that is, more free when playing the elements stored on DVD, SD cards, CDs, VCD, among others.

Although it is not the latest player, this application has the capacity and power to play most audio and video formats with excellent quality, including formats like MKV or Mp3.


It is one of the ideal programs to download, edit and convert more than 1000 formats into others. It is a very complete and easy-to-use program due to the variety of tools that contribute to the fulfillment of its predetermined functions.

With this application you convert, compress and edit Everything! In one place, it is available for operating systems such as Windows, and MacOS for free during its trial period.

Freemake Video Converter

Nothing better than the ease of convert all formats of video from your mobile, this and more you can achieve with Freemake Video Converter, being one of the best video converters for Android systems because it is so complete and easy to use.

This program detects the converter that we need according to the specifications of our mobile. In addition, it is free to convert from video, image or audio to the format you want.

Winx Video Converter

With Winx Video Converter compatibility problems are over, no video format, whether current or old, is difficult for this program and it also performs its conversions in a short time.

Conversions up to 4K! in and on any device for any format. Download online videos from different platforms to get to the format you want.

What is the best MP4 or MKV video quality?

When comparing these video players, it is important know your needs, what you are looking for and want to watch the videos to be played.

convert mkv to mp4

First of all the MKV or Matroska format it is a modern program and current that can have large amounts in video, however, its compatibility is not carried out with various devices. On the other hand, MP4 formats they are capable of reproducing multimedia content such as audio, videos and subtitles with a high image quality and a more universal compatibility.

If you choose only one format between MP4 or MKV. The MP4 format has a point in favor It is very important and it is that it can be played on any device or at least its reproductions are more compatible with various devices and therefore most of the elements found in MP4 format are converted into MKV, due to their ease of playing.

Is an MP4 file or video preferable to MKV?

Actually, everything that has been described above is for those who prefer MP4 to MKV, but the truth is that this conversion is now very unnecessary, unless the editing work or different programs require it.

In fact there are several ways to play a video file in MKV format, and most of them can be applied on any device.

Now, if what you wanted was only try MP4 format Because you are used to using MKV files, it is totally valid. Therefore, we also advance you as a warning that playing a video in MP4 format is very simple, and all devices are predetermined for it.

But we fall into the same. Actually the preference is according to the user, and it is he who decides when and why to convert an MKV file to MP4. Surely this will have its reasons.

Suffice it to say that the process of doing this conversion is simple, and both formats have the capacity to support audio, visual and subtitles content.

What’s more, they are so similar that you can even convert a MKV format to MP3, in the same way that an MP4 format is converted to MP3 online.

What other files or video formats are there and can be converted?

Besides MKV and MP4, there are other formats to play a video with the content described above (audio, visual, subtitles). All with their characteristics and preferences for the users who use them.

video mp4 format without losing mkv quality

In this way, we inform you that there are AVI, FLV and MOV video formats, which are three of the most common and most devices can play them. In fact, VLC can play all of them.

The good thing about these formats is that they are flexible when converting them, the process of going from one format to another being simple, online, or through downloaded software such as the process just explained.

But always remember that the important thing when converting is speed what it becomes, and that the medium used for it allows not to lose the quality of the audiovisual content. You can do it online if you want.

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