How to Convert Your JPG Images to PDF with PowerPoint | See How It’s Done

PowerPoint has become one of the platforms for creating slides today. more versatile and complete of the entire market for such programs.

Well, on this platform it is not only possible to perform this action, but also to place animations, transitions and even place an animated Banner professionally on the platform. Therefore, this opens the possibility for PowerPoint to be used to change the format of images and photos.

Therefore, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you learn how to convert photos or images from .jpg to PDF with PowerPoint.

Is it possible to convert jpg images to PDF in PowerPoint?

One of the best options at your disposal if you have images or photographs and you want to order, convert and transform them to another format, the .PDF file extension is the best in this case. Well, while you convert the image from the previous .jpg format to .PDF the same fully maintains its quality originally.

So taking into account the practicality of PDF files, one of the best tools at your disposal is to convert the photos or jpg images you want to PDF with PowerPoint.

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You can then use PowerPoint to reorder the images or photos from jpg format and change them to PDF format, for which you can use the program that you have installed on your computer, or the one that Microsoft’s online platform makes available to you.

In this way, you will have at your disposal a useful and easy-to-use tool that allows you to change image format from jpg to pdf in a totally practical and simple way. So you will not have any excuse for not being able to convert images and photos to PDF from PowerPoint.

Difference between JPG and PDF files

When we examine the images of the files we find extensions JPG and PDF And you will surely wonder what difference there is between them, here we will explain what it is.

When you download images to your PC, you will find many JPG formats. This way when you carefully locate the file names, you may have seen files JPG and PDF and you have wondered the difference between them. Next we are going to share with you the only characteristic difference between these two formats.

In general terms there is no great difference between the two, there are even cases in which the two are used interchangeably, in cases it is considered that they have more similarities. The difference between them is the number of letters, nowadays we can use a PDF file format, however in some older computers only the JPG format is allowed.

How to Convert JPG Images to PDF in PowerPoint

Convert images to PDF through PowerPoint en something very simple of doing. All you have to do is enter PowerPoint, upload the images you want to convert and adjust or edit them to your liking, then when you save the file you will look at the part where it says file name and at the bottom where It says type (that is, the type of file we want to save) there you will change it to PDF format and voila, it will be saved on your computer without any problem.

Considering the advantages offered by using the PowerPoint slides tool to convert photos or images from jpg to PDF, it is time for you to get down to work. To do this, the first step is to enter that program, and once you are in PowerPoint, you will notice that from now on the process is similar to that of inserting images in PowerPoint.

Therefore, once you have your blank page, you must locate the ‘Insert’ section and then the ‘Insert image’ section. There, you must select image that you have in the storage of your computer or PC and then select the option ‘Insert’.

Once you have selected this option, the image will not be inserted immediately, but a new options window will open so that select the image layout according to your preference, as this step does not affect the format change. Therefore, once you have adapted this selection window according to your preference, you must click on ‘Create’.

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Finally, you must go to the ‘File’ section and then to ‘Save as’. You will notice that by default it will be saved as a PowerPoint presentation file, so you will only have to change it to ‘PDF’ and then you will have changed original jpg formatl from the picture.

Is it possible to convert multiple photos or images from .jpg to PDF with PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has become one of the best platforms for creating presentation slides. However, this program can be used for different purposes depending on the user’s interest. What remains in evidence considering that it is possible to change the .jpg format of a image to PDF from PowerPoint.

Therefore, it is normal to consider the possibility of convert multiple photos or images from .jpg to PDF, and this program allows such action. To do this, you must access said program and open a blank sheet in it.

Later, you must access the ‘Insert’ section and there you will select the ‘Photo album’ option in order to convert multiple images from jpg to pdf in PowerPoint. When you select this option, you must upload the images you want to convert and that you previously have on your computer or PC.

Once the images have been selected, a new window will be loaded in which you must pigeonhole them. Likewise, this window shows a series of options that you can activate or deactivate according to your preference.

After you have inserted the images, you must go to the ‘File’ section and there select the ‘Save as’ option. Finally, you will only have to define the PDF format to convert successfully images or photos from jpg to PDF.

Convert JPG images to PDF online

It is a very simple process to do, from your browser search JPG to PDF and you enter your favorite converter, then you are going to upload the image you want to convert, you have to click on create PDF now and you must wait for it to do so, and that’s it, you can save it on your device.

How to convert an image to PDF on mobile with PowerPoint

It is something very simple to do, you just have to enter the application of Powerpoint From your cell phone, then upload the images that you are going to change the format, and when you save the file, the magic happens, you must change the type of format from PowerPoint to PDF and voila, your images will be converted.

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