How to Copy and Paste on a Chromebook Laptop – Shortcuts for Text or Pictures

Human beings are technology lovers, That is why we are always on the lookout for when a new laptop, tablet or smartphone comes out.

Computers and laptops have actually helped us a lot in these times of pandemic, millions of people started using them devices as a means of work and study.

Being laptops too comfortable and very good to work, basically they get us out of trouble, when having to deliver a job that you have not finished, you can take your laptop wherever you want and complete the activities you were doing. For this and more, Google did not want to be left behind, so they launched a new type of computer.

What is a Chromebook?

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The Chromebook is basically like a laptop, which is designed to perform tasks much faster and easier. Your operating system is Chrome so it includes its best integrated elements, it also has multiple levels of security and cloud storage.

Are new google laptops They are usually a bit confusing for some people, since they work a little differently from the laptops we are used to using, even taking screenshots on a computer, they are done in a different way than the traditional one.

One of the most used actions on a computer is the function ofcopy and paste’ But as we said before, everything has changed in these new laptops, so we will talk about how to easily perform this action.

google chromebook laptop

Learn how to copy and paste on a Google laptop using the Trackpad

Probably one of the most used functions on every computer is to copy and paste, both text and images. The uses that can be given to this tool are practically infinite, since we can copy all types of text, in all types of fonts, with all types of size and paste it in practically any text box.

As you well know, Chromebooks are laptops with a Google operating system, a different one from the classic Windows or MacOs that we all know, but their commands are not so different from the others. To be able to copy a text on a ChromeBook, you will only have to follow 3 simple steps:

  • We will proceed to select the text that we want to copy, this can be achieved by clicking on the beginning of the text to be copied, and leaving this button pressed until the moment we finish copying the text, which we will copy by dragging the course over the entire text to select. We can also copy by tabulation, keeping the ‘Shift’ key pressed and with the directional arrows, we will copy both to the right and to the left.
  • The second step will be to copy the text, which we can achieve if we hold down both the control key and the ‘C’ key at the same time. Another way to do it is with the mouse, selecting the text, right ‘Clicking’, displaying the options menu and clicking ‘Copy’.
  • Finally, you will have to paste your text in any text box that allows it. You will do this by typing Control + V and that’s it. You can also repeat the process by right clicking, displaying the Menu and selecting ‘Paste’.

Chromebook user

How to Copy Formatted Text – Combinations on Chromebook

Copy texts into Chromebook is very simple, since it will not take us more than 3 combinations to be able to select, copy and paste a text, but in addition to that, there are different extra combinations, which vary in some cases of operating systems.

In order to copy formatted texts in Chormebook, we will have to access directly to the text tool, that is to say; to Word. Once inside, we will locate the tab beginning, in which will be the option of ‘Copy format ‘. Once we select this option, we can proceed to ‘paint’ especially the text that we need to copy, once we finish copying, we will press the Esc key.

The copy format is used to copy any type of format, with graphics, fonts, sizes, colors, etc. And it is very useful for when you need to extract specific information from one document to another.

How to Copy Pictures and Video to a Chromebook

Do you want to copy the photo that you like so much of a puppy? Or do you need to do a job with multimedia backup? All this is possible, since you can extract all this type of information as long as the source allows it (Since there are some that do not allow it).

  • The process to copy this type of content is quite simple and very similar to copying text. The first thing you will have to do, It will be to pass the course on the image, right click and select ‘Copy image’, or failing that, ‘Copy image URL’. For videos, the process is similar, only when selecting the » Copy » option, we will indicate the one that says ‘Copy video URL’ or ‘Copy embedded code’.
  • Then, having copied the file, you will proceed to find where to paste it, clearly, it must be a space in which it is allowed to append files of this style. You will proceed to select ‘Control V’ or simply ‘Paste’ from the task menu, and that’s it.

How to copy and paste on a page that does not allow it

There are cases in which we will probably not be able to copy texts, since the pages have a lock that prevents us from doing so, but fortunately, there are different methods to do it, and one of the most used by all users is the ‘print’ method. The printing method is simple, you just have to press Control + Letter P and the printing menu will automatically appear.

Once in print mode, we can proceed to copy any text we want without any problem, We can even send this file to Word or print it directly.

How to copy and paste text using my mouse

This is the traditional method of copying and pasting texts, before you start using the shortcuts on our keyboards. You should know that this action with the mouse or mouse is exactly the same as all computers around the world.

First, highlight the text that you want to copy and paste, in the text that you highlighted above the cursor and right click with the mouse. You will see that a drop-down menu will appear, select ‘copy’, after this go to the place where you want to paste the text you selected and click on the right button and select ‘paste ‘or’ paste as plain text ‘ and ready.

copy to chromebook

How can I copy and paste on a Chromebook with the keyboard?

This function on the keyboard is a bit more similar to what we know in the different operating systems of traditional computers. What you have to do is open the document, the page or the note where the text you want to copy is located. Select the text in question and to be able to copy it you must press and hold the Ctrl key located at the top of the keyboard, both on the left and right sides and after this press the key with the letter C.

Before you can paste the text, you must press and hold the Ctrl key and then press the letter V. Remember that when pasting the text you must be and click on the part where you want to paste the text, either in a document or on the web, etc.

When performing this function with the keyboard, the text you selected will remain as a kind of clipboard, it will not be modified or anything will happen to it while you make the decision to paste it somewhere.

A fairly important piece of information is that if you want to simply copy the text, without images or links Nor should you do anything this way: select the text you want to copy, press the Ctrl key and then press the letter c. After you’ve copied the text, simultaneously press the Ctrl and Shift keys and then press the letter V, and you’re done. You will have your text copied without images and without formats.

chromebook laptop on desk

Trackpad also works for copy and paste

The trackpad is rarely used much, unless you don’t have a mouse or don’t like keyboard combinations. That is why we also talk about it, so you can use it when copying and pasting.

As we mentioned earlier, select the text you want to copy, hover over that text, and tap on the trackpad with two fingersIn the drop-down menu select the copy option and move the cursor to where you want to paste the text, press the trackpad with two fingers again and select paste and that’s it, in all these ways you will have your texts copied and pasted on your Chromebook.

Duplicating information when browsing can be quite beneficial for us, since it is a good way to keep all our browsing data backed up, It is always important to be a cautious person and back up all the information we consume on the internet. Nowadays it is much easier to do this, since we have access to different services such as clouds, which allow creating backups and duplicate information in an almost automatic way.

Another incredible benefit of duplicating information so as not to lose it, is the same movement of that information, that is, if we already decide not to occupy a computer and want to use another, this duplicated navigation information, it will be easily removable to another computer just giving some login details.

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