How to Correctly Apply Filters to Bitmap Images with Corel DRAW (Example)

Filters are widely used today in most images and are useful for transforming the look of images. With Corel Draw, you can apply a wide variety of filters or effectsAs long as they are in bitmap, in fact, it is even possible to create a web page with Corel Draw thanks to this. Bitmaps are images that are created with pixels, like photos, for example.

If you have an image, or text, in vectors, you should previously convert it to a bitmap to apply filters correctly with the Corel Draw program. Doing these transformations is very easy.

Today we will explain four filters of the many that are installed in the program and are: Weather (climate), Find Edges (edge ​​finder), Motion Blur (motion blur) and Plastic Texture (plastic texture). Let’s start with the first two.

Transform your images and photos with the best filters in Corel Draw

Corel Draw is a very complete program in which your imagination and creativity take control. We will teach you how to apply the first two filters you read earlier, with basic steps. To get started, you need to know how to download and install Corel Draw. Once you are in their settings, you should be the one who is in charge of giving it that original touch that everyone will love.

  • Weather. It is quite a practical filter. With it, you can apply the effect of rain, snow or fog. To do it correctly, select your image, go to ¨Bitmap¨ and press the option ¨Creativo¨.
  • At the end of the submenu that will open you will have the word Weather or Climate which you must click. You will have the configuration of this filter available, in which you can choose the direction in which you want the weather effect to be applied.Each modification you make will be automatically previewed. Add intensity, size, and any random effects you want. To save the changes you must click on ¨Ok¨ or ¨Accept¨.

waterfall angel jump mountain

  • Find Edges. The ideal images to apply this transformation are those that come with a lot of lines or edges. Duplicate the image to which you want to add the effect and select one of them. Fulfills Bitmap / Outline / Edge Finder path.
  • Once the application is ready, you can choose if you want the effect to be soft or strong by sliding the cursor on the level bar. Now you must select the image, Bitmap / Convert to bitmap, set the option ¨Black and white (1-bit)¨. In this way you can manipulate or control the background and color of the lines.
  • In other words, if you press a color from the color bar, located at the right and bottom of the program, with the left click, you will see the application of the color in the background of the image. But if you press a color with the right click, the change will be made on the lines. If you choose the background to be transparent, superimposing the image you are working on over the original will apply the effect you created.

More interesting filters for your photos

There are many more great filters in Corel Draw. As we said at the beginning of this article, it is possible to apply effects to images in Corel Draw, among which are blur and texture. Find out how to apply them below:

  • Motion Blur. You will be able to blur the photograph or text that you are working with with this filter. To achieve this, select the image and, as in the previous times, Bitmap / Blur / Motion Blur. Set the distance and orientation.

leopard running on grass

  • Plastic Texture. Convert a flat texture to a plastic one directly on your image. Get it as follows: Bitmap / Texture / Plastic. In the settings window, specify the brightness points, depth, softness, light direction and light color.

Sometimes the photos we take don’t turn out the way we want them to. That is why filters are so important and necessary. Transform your images with weather effects, texture, blur, highlight their edges and even discover how to correct images with Corel Draw. This will make your images look sensational and stand out in all your digital projects.

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