How to Correctly Calibrate the Brightness and Contrast of my PC Monitor? (Example)

The monitor or computer screen is the most important element in terms of software, since without it we simply could not achieve anything. It is necessary that it is in optimal conditions, since it influences tasks that we may not even know how. This is why you must know how to correctly calibrate the brightness and contrast of the PC monitor.

Performing this action is even more important, if you work with photography and design programs, since they help to maintain the fidelity of the original colors.

And this technique not only helps you to improve the editing of photos, but it is also very useful if you want to connect a video game console to a monitor, because in this way you can enjoy the image and resolution of the game.

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Computers being new, come with this appropriate calibration, more over time, these settings are lost. These changes are sometimes imperceptible, so it is important that you learn how to calibrate the brightness and contrast of the monitor so that it does not happen again.

Another way to make the most of your PC screen and enjoy image quality is by taking care of screen tearing.

Stop before calibrating

Take into account the following steps before starting this process of how to calibrate the PC brightness and contrast nonitor.

Identify the resolution

Your monitor has a native resolution, which you must select from the graphic options. Usually the OS chooses the maximum, this is why it is best to have a graphics driver installed before starting calibrations.

Color depth

This should be the maximum, it is done from the properties menu of the device. Select the option «32-bit True Color”. If the screen is in 16-bit the depth will not be sufficient for an optimal process.

color range

Prepare your monitor and eyesight

The process begins, about 30 minutes after turning on the computer so that it is not cold. It is good to rest your eyes for better fidelity at work and eliminate sources of glare that can cause unwanted reflections. Preferably do this in a dimly lit room and at a normal distance from the monitor.

How to adjust the brightness and contrast easily?

In general, there are two ways to carry out this process, it can be done directly from the computer settings or through specialized programs that can help you obtain better results. It all depends on the finish you are looking for.

Calibrate in Windows

To access this calibration tool, you must go to the control panel, enter «Hardware and sound”, «Screen» and «Calibrate screen”. Once there, reference images will appear with which you can make these adjustments, as well as the color balance and fonts. The system will guide you so that you can achieve an ideal result.

Windows 10, comes with an adaptive brightness option according to the external conditions in which it is. To disconnect it, double click on the battery icon and select “Battery and sleep settings» Choose «Change advanced power settings”.

In this new window that will appear, search «Screen» and «Enable adaptive brightness”To deactivate it.

brightness enable option

Now you can configure how to calibrate the brightness and contrast of the monitor to your liking, you can do it through power options, settings or the notification center.

Many designers tend to work with more than one monitor, so if you have separate monitors connected to your laptop or want to connect them, we recommend that you follow these steps to calibrate the screen.

Calibrate on Mac

It can be done manually or automatically. There are computers that come with sensitivity to ambient light. In the menu, select “System preferences«,»Displays» and «Screen«There choose»Adjust brightness automatically”.

To do it manually, under the automatic adjustment option, you will see a brightness regulator that you can use. There are different types of screens, some of which offer a contrast regulator.


It is a much more precise application than the previous settings and it works from Windows XP. It works in two simple steps and you will have your monitor ready. In addition, you can adjust it so that each time it is turned on it applies these changes or reminds you from time to time that you must do it.


It is a bit more complex and without guides, it only offers one white bar and RGB so that you can do it to your liking. You can set multiple profiles if you use multiple monitors at the same time. It takes a little more effort, but if you read the instructions carefully you can achieve a more accurate and proper calibration.

Keeping our digital devices in optimal conditions is a necessary task if we want to increase their life span and for them to work properly, so it is advisable to clean your PC hardware from time to time, including the PC monitor.

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