How to Count or Sum Cells without and with Error in Excel Easily

In the branch of computing, a spreadsheet is a program where different applications are used where you can perform different tasks such as creating a budget, balance sheets, financial calculations or also making an attendance list sheet with Excel.

These spreadsheets allow you to control, evaluate, analyze, plan, the possible changes both internal as external and thus propose strategies at an economic level either in the company where we work or in our lives.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used programs worldwide for this purpose, because with its spreadsheets you can save to load information and data to be represented if you want with graphics, with the use of applications with Visual Basic. If you want to know more about the program, you can visit its official website.

What is a spreadsheet in Excel?

A spreadsheet is a tool where you can calculateEntering data in a quantitative way is like a sheet of paper but digitized.

spreadsheet in excel with formula for sum

The spreadsheet came about as an idea by Microsoft under the name Multiplan to compete with a program under the name Lotus in 1982, but was later changed to Excel in 1985 for Macintosh computers, since then the excel spreadsheet it has been subject to many changes.

In these sheets you as users can place headings, enter data that later you can for example divide by formulas or functions on the sheet. You can divide an amount of number in an Excel sheet, after executing it you store them in a workbook.

Spreadsheets contain columns, rows, and cells. They also have functions with which you can perform different operationsFor example, if at the time of carrying out an operation it turns out that you want to make some modification, the same sheet gives you the option of recalculating what the results will be with the new data.

This sheet always begins with a page where the cells are blank, in it you enter the data either in numbers or words with which you then make the calculations with the formulas to run them. A cell is nothing more than the meeting of a row with a column.

Each of these cells comprises up to the amount of 32,767 data, be it alphabet or numbers, infinite formulas, which allow you to perform your calculations not only on one sheet but on the number of sheets you consider necessary.

Are formulas can be executed according to the type of information contained In the cell or several cells, the result you get from them can be dynamic and they are subject to change if you have to make any kind of modification.

Each cell, row and column that Excel contains are unique, each of the cells is represented by a rectangle shaped space.

Something interesting about spreadsheets is each one of them can interact with another sheet, take its data, make an appointment from it or give results.

Even with the cells you can form a range of them, that is to say, make groups of several selected cells in order to obtain to execute the same operation, you can name these cells in grouping and it contributes to making it easier to locate them.

However, it may happen that without realizing it while working in Excel you may observe different errors that you can display in the cells. It may be that sometimess delete the information in the cells and then you enter the correct information so that the error does not appear again in them.

How to count or sum cells without and with error in Excel easily?

If when working on your spreadsheet you want to count or add several cells, in this case without or with error, below we will show you some simple steps, and we take the opportunity to tell you that you can learn to add a column or several cells automatically in Excel.

excel logo with figures in the shape of peaks

Step 1

Enter into your spreadsheet in the formula bar the data of the cells that you want to have an error, for example ‘A2: A18’ and enter the following formula: ‘= SUM (–ESERROR (A2: A18))’.

Step 2

If you have already entered the previous formula, now proceed to enter the combination of the keys ‘Ctrl + Shift + Enter’ and press them.

Step 3

If you want to count the cells without error, in the toolbar proceed to enter the following formula, ‘= SUM (–NO (ISERROR (A2: A18)))’ and again enter the combination ‘Ctrl + Shift + Enter’.

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