How to Create a 3D Street Bump Map in Photoshop Easily (Example)

When making a analysis of all effects or the impact that technological tools have had for many years now, would surely surprise.

Some people do not remember very well how some of the activities they carry out in daily life were developed without the use of these tools.

In this sense, it should be noted that computers and smartphones have emerged as the most used instruments in the world to carry out a large number of work, academic, social and personal activities. However, the usefulness of these teams goes far beyond people.

Maps and technology

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Establish a starting point and a destination point, know each and every one of the available routes to reach that destination, as well as the characteristics of the routes through which you can travel, the number of kilometers to travel and a Estimated travel time, it was something that, previously, only the occasional gifted person was capable of doing.

However, with the development of technological instruments, all this information is available to anyone who has the suitable devices for the use of the software that has the functions that correspond to this action.

maps and technology

The design of maps has been an area quite exploited by different companies, especially those that have at their disposal the relevant digital platforms to offer GPS navigation services.

A complicated route

Potholes represent a headache for drivers, as they can have significantly negative effects on the operation of a vehicle.

This is an important aspect to take into account when making a trip. Since, having a knowledge of the route or the journey with fewer potholes, it will make your transfer much more pleasant for both you and yourself.

Pothole map

Now, the idea itself is not that you should look for the route with the least bumps, but the shortest. Pothole repair or filling is the responsibility of government organizations in a specific region. Therefore, they must comply with the commitment to keep the roads in the best possible state.

To achieve this objective, it is vitally important to have some tools that help identification and location one of these annoying and sometimes few visible obstacles, something like a pothole map.

How to do it?

For the elaboration of these maps of potholes, the tools of some software that has the sufficient characteristics for it are used.

If you want to make a pothole map, do all the necessary research to find the program that best suits your needs.

Make it possible and in 3D with Photoshop

Of all the programs available for the making a pothole mapPhotoshop was probably not among your options, but it is.

As much as this software is hugely popular for its photo editing and retouching tools. He also possesses great aptitude when it comes to designing, being good enough for a 3d pothole map.

The procedure is quite easy, and you just need to pay close attention to the instructions that will be shown below.

Make it possible and in 3D

  • Create a texture map using Photoshop’s painting tools or open a map image that you have already saved.
  • Click on the «Image» tab, go to the «Adjustments» section and use the «Desaturate» option to set a grayscale.
  • Repeat the two steps of the previous procedure, only, this time, you will use the «Invert» option.
  • Save your file as a bitmap to ensure high quality.
  • Go to Photoshop’s «3D» tab.
  • Click on «New shape from layer».
  • Make the modifications you want.

Make it easy with Photoshop!

With these simple instructions, you will have your pothole map ready in 3D thanks to all the editing and design tools that Photoshop has, a simply extraordinary software with which you can do truly incredible things.

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