How to Create a Broadcast List on WhatsApp without Adding a Contact – Step by step

When we talk about instant communication tools, surely the first option we think of it’s whatsapp, this communication application is one of the most effective used worldwide.

The WhatsApp application is easy to download and more importantly, known to most of us, is that it seems a lie, but far from common text messages people are driven to respond faster in this way.

And in addition to that it is much more comfortable and we can customize many things such as the background image, it is that unlike traditional text messages with WhatsApp we can send voice notes, share files such as videos, pdf, images and last but not least make video calls.

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It is for all these advantages and many more that for many years we have always preferred WhatsApp, in this way we can communicate with our friends, loved ones and family that are in any other part of the world.

WhatsApp can also have it on your PC or Mac to use it more easily, so you can have it on all your devices. As we see WhatsApp is a messaging application quite complete even so.

There are tools that for many people are going unnoticed and are still just as useful as any other. One of them is the new diffusion, the same word diffusion gives us a clue to understand what we can do with it and that is that we can create a list of people with a limit of 256 contacts to spread a message without the need to create a group.

How to create a broadcast list?

If you want to learn how to create a broadcast list Quickly follow the instructions that we will give you step by step, you will see that it is really easy, you can also use WhatsApp in a foreign country.

whastapp messaging application widely used by everyone

Step 1

Head over and open the whatsapp application, then look at the upper right corner, you will see three points vertically, you must click it and a small window with other options and tools will appear on the screen.

Step 2

Also now you will see some options such as new group, new broadcast, WhatsApp web, highlighted messages and finally settings.

Step 3

There you can clearly see the tool we need, select the option new diffusion, now you must choose the ones who are going to send the message. It should be noted that at this point at the top WhatsApp will remind us that the limit of people to select for a broadcast is 256.

Step 4

Once you have chosen the desired contacts, you must click on the green bubble that will appear in the lower right corner, a chat space will automatically be created with all the contacts you have selected

At this point you broadcast list has been createdNow you can send messages to all members quickly and without creating a group.

Step 5

You also have the option to name the broadcast listYou can do this by entering the chat of the broadcast list, at the top, clicking on the number of people who are within the broadcast and then selecting the icon of a pencil.

Are a broadcast list and a WhatsApp group the same?

Although so far you see these two tools the same, it really is not like that, there is a great advantage over the broadcast lists. And it is that although we know that they are used equally to send the same message to more than one person, with the broadcast list messages are sent individually.

whastapp can be downloaded on mobile tablets

No member can see who is in the broadcast list created, or even know if you have used this tool. Unless your message is written in a general way, they could not know it and you can have it on your tablet with the WhatsApp application.

Due to this, when sending the messages they will reach each user individually, likewise you will also get an individual response from each of them, without anyone of the members being able to read it or something similar. So we can say that create a broadcast list it’s a bit more private than a group in general.

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