How to Create a Custom List or Group of Friends on PS4 to Play? – Step by step (Example)

Playing with partners is essential today, since this adds an extra thrill to the game and adds a higher level of competitiveness. This is precisely why everyone wants to know how to create a custom list or group of friends on PS4, and with that in mind, this tutorial was created.

And it is that, although PS4 features are easy to use (even the one that allows you to edit videos in ShareFactory is easy to understand), each one takes a series of steps that not everyone knows, and that is why guides like this become imperative.

How to create a custom list or group of friends on PS4?

Now, to go directly to the point that is of interest and that you can learn as soon as possible how to create a personalized list or group of friends on PS4, the first step you must do is go to the functions screen, and there select the option «Friends».

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Then choose the option that appears right there called «Custom lists», then click on the selection «Create list», and then choose a name for your friends or group list in question.

Notably, no name is out of place, however try to avoid sexual or racist content, because that violates the PS4 user rules and can earn you a nice ban from Sony.

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When you have finished configuring your name, proceed to choose all the friends that you want to add to the list by simply pressing them, once you have them all inside press the button «Create list»With that everything will be done and your group of friends will be united in a single team.

It should be noted that this group can be edited anytime you want and you need it, just go to where your list is and select «Edit list». The edition will allow you to delete those users that you no longer want to belong to your group.

To achieve this deletion process, you have to enter the edit mode and highlight the friend who will be kicked outThen you must click on the «Options» button and click on «Remove from this list».

How to add friends on PS4?

With the above you already know how to create a personalized list or group of friends on PS4, so now as a small extra you will be taught to add friends (in case you don’t already know), so you can create a great roster and start doing things like: play competitive, do or broadcast live on Twitch, etc.

If you want to add friends, the first step is to go to the «Friends» tab within functions (the route is the same as you followed previously), there choose the player you want to add as a friend looking for it in the following ways:

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By their ID or player name, by players with whom you have played and met, among many other ways (they all appear in the same interface of the friends screen).

Once you have located the person you want to send a request to, press the square smiley icon next to the ID itself, this will automatically send your invitation.

And voila, with that last thing you read, you know how create a custom list or group of friends on PS4, and you also learned how to add new friends in case you don’t have any at the moment.

So with all that out of the way, you can focus on finding more relevant information about your PS4, such as: how to pay for the subscription to PlayStation Now ?, from the official Sony website.

Or also if you have tired of video games you can find how to watch videos and movies with the PS4 media player.

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