How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Microsoft Access Step by Step (Example)

If you work in Access surely you know how important it is to have the information stored and ordered, we will teach you how to create a drop down menu in Microsoft Access, with this tool it will facilitate your work.

Databases are an important asset for companies and applications today, some connoisseurs of the subject design them with the php programming language, from phpMyadmin or also the program of Microsoft Office Access.

This program allows you to create a database, with tables and fillable fields, with which you have access to stored information. But how to access this orderly information? The drop down menus. They offer the advantage of helping us access information in a easy, fast and orderly. That is why in this article you will discover how to create a drop-down menu in Microsoft Access.

Create a dropdown menu in Access

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To create a drop-down menu, the first thing we have to do is take a database that we have already made and to which we want to make the menu. Once this is done we click on create and then we insert a blank form, we click with the right button of the mouse on the form name and then we mark the option of design view.

The form automatically appears with a kind of boxes, these boxes mark the area where we can create our menu. We click on the design option in the menu bar.

There we will insert a label, this is for place the title of the menu that we will create, this is at your personal discretion. You can customize this label by changing the letters, size, color and more.

So far we have basically seen the previous steps to create the menu, but now we go to the part where we will add the buttons and make the menu do its job.

How to add buttons in the menu

For a menu to fulfill its objective, the most important thing is add the buttons and configure them, with the aim of making a link to the forms that we have previously created. To add the buttons:

  • We will click on the design option located in the menu bar.
  • Then we insert a button by clicking on the form.
  • It will immediately display a menu called command assistant where we will configure the button.

make dropdown menu in access

In case you want to customize the button to change values ​​such as size, font, color and more, we will do the following.

  • We close the command assistant menu
  • We make click on the property sheet. This option is located within the menu bar under the design option.
  • In the properties of the sheet we can change the title of the button, the size, the background color, in short we can customize the button to our liking.
  • To code the button and make it work, we will click on the button and then in the property sheet we select the event option.
  • Then we select the first option that says when we click and press the three ellipsis.
  • A generator name menu will be displayed, it will have 3 options and we will click on macro generator. A large blank tab will appear with options that we may not understand but don’t panic!

Follow the next steps

  • Click the button and look in the list for the macro named Open Form.
  • Place the name of the form that we have created and to which the button will do the action.
  • We save the changes by clicking on the name of the tab, save and close.

make dropdown menu in access

That’s how easy we program a button to make it enter the form that we have created. In this way we can start inserting buttons to improve and expand our menu.

Once you learn to manage a database, you will need to know how to join and manage several at the same time, since you will need to relate them. If you have co-workers or partners who may be interested in this content, share and you will surely help them in a great way.

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